Friday, 27 April 2012

One is a lady who lunches

So lunch dah-links, always an important occasion especially if one is a lady of one's class! So throing together an outfit fit for a black and white ball but my hair.... maybe my hair is too informal... so I gave it another style which just did.not.go

The classic white dress, better than the LBD because it's flawless and crisp but my shoes would now not go, flawless and black and white heels just do NOT go my dears! Unfortunately the shoes I laid my eyes upon were orange and, well you see, I had to wear them having never worn them before!

So I had to throw together another outfit with s snazzy little bag... well... let me tell you, can you imagine my horror when I realised it was well past lunch and reaching time for suppah.... so I made it at least to suppah my dears!

Saff/B xx


Pic 1:
Jacket @ coldLogic
jumpsuit @ coldLogic
Shoes @ leverocci (past TDR)
Hair @ Exile (past TDR)
Skin @ Glam Affair (old gift)

Pic 2:
Dress @ Eclectic Apparel (group gift ONLY until end of April - 400L join fee but regular gifts)
Hair by Exile @ TDR Blue
Earrings @ CCD (past hunt gift)
Shoes @ Mstyle (past TDR gift)
Prop Chest of Drawers @ Kyoot (luckboard)

Pic 3:
Outfit @ 22769 (group gift ONLY until end of April)
Bag by Sleeping Koala @ Kawaii fair (I think!)

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Week 17 and I've moved house!

So yay, I decided to take the plunge and get a bigger piece of land with more prims, so yeah I'm groovin my ass at my new house
I couldn't figure what to have as week 17's shuttle gray so I hunted the marketplace (and bitched that it NEEDS a colour filter search option) and found these sexy heels!

Just to show you my pretty front garden with no lumps and bumps!

Shoes @ KKBB (10L)
Dress @ Halcali (group gift, no sign up fee)
Hair @ lamb!
Skin @ [Atomic]

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Meet the girls!

So I thought I'd try my hand at making shapes, I wanted to make different varieties but I really love curvy girls and thanks to Mesh standard sizing it's become much easier to dress and style curvy gals in styles without having to edit and resize prims!

So first say hello to Kitty, she's got a gorgeous hourglass shape with a sweet face and a quirky look about her (see below for styling credits)

Next we have Lana, with a slim, athletic shape while still retaining her curves she has a simple boyish body and a sultry face.

Finally, Lilly is possibly my favourite, she's a mixture of afro-carribean and latino, she works well with any shade of darker skin. She also has a lovely hourglass shape and a a sexy face!

Kitty - Sizes M + L
Lilly - Size M + L
Lana - Size XS + S

To show how well they work with the standard sizing I modelled them in 22769's dress for the Gallery Gift Shop (100L) and shoes from Deco (past FLF item)

Skin @ Mother Goose's (free)
Hair @ Exile (past Dressig Room item)

Skin @ Heartsick (gift)
Hair @ Alli &Ali (free)

Skin @ Mamboo Chic (lucky board)
Hair @ Magika

Saff/B xx

Monday, 16 April 2012

It's intriguingly difficult not to.....


LiquidH3ll so kindly offered on plurk 8 1000L gift cards for Intrigue Co. and being all grabby (insert child making grabby motions here) I politely asked for one!
I ran to Intrigue Co. and was greeted by a miriad of colours and such awesomly bizarre stuff! I found it so hard not to buy all the things!


Following that I ran full pelt to The Dressing Room Blue as I'd been saying (repeatedly) that I had to buy Eclectic Wingtip's contribution and well.... I ended up buying more and more....
And maybe a bit too much!

I think I bought a little too much! oops!
But aren't all the meshy goods so amazing? you move, it moves, no ugly prims sticking out of your joints! Which means I can pull all these poses on my Hobbes (MY HOBBES! NOT YOURS!)
Nyah nyah I have a Hobbesy!

Ok, after all that I'm so sleepy now so I shall curl up in a ball for smeeps... what you want a full length pic before I go buh byes? Sigh!
Me Smeepy Now

full length of my lovely buys!

I bought so much more at Intrigue Co.....! So more posts to come

For now back to sleep... that or essays... (insert very very sad face)

Saff/B xx


Earrings @ Intrigue Co. (100L for each fat pack)
Hair (pic 1&2) by vive9 @ Collabor88 (188L)
Hair (pic 3,4&5) by Exile @ TDR Blue (70L - tinted by me)
Skin by [Atomic] @ TDR Blue (70L)
Trousers by Eclectic Apparel @ TDR Blue (70L)
Top by Baiastice @ TDR Blue (70L)
Shoes @ Donna Flora (1L)
Hobbes @ Reek (175L)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

A Not Very Suitable for Work Week 16

My bright turqoise has turned into a dull turquoise due to the WL settings I used but I rather like these shots, it's been a while since I've done boobie shots too!!

I think Saffie just echoes how I feel right now, sombre and thoughtful, slightly lonely...

One day I'll get me some mesh prim feet that will make these shots look much better!

Saff/B xx

Leggings @ hucci (125L each)
Hair @ Exile
Skin @ *YS & YS*

Friday, 13 April 2012

Jeweller's treasure

Been busy playing with shadows again after yesterday's RL drama (someone tried to break in, the poloce are going to be sick of me soon!)

I asked on plurk what do people rarely/never buy in SL and I said jewellery... until I, minutes later, saw this beautiful necklace!

Saff/B xx

Skirt by 22769 @ Fashionably Late
necklace by [glow] @ The Dressing room (70L)
hair @ Exile (past new release)
Top @ (freebie)
Skin @ Atomic (past TDR)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

On Location, Store Project #4

My lovely friend Ayla (of Ayla and Dolly) told me how to get shadows!!! This gave me a perfect excuse to play with photo taking!
I did another On Location, Store Project shot too, I chose MONS to take my pictures at, the garden just outside MONS hair was perfect to play with my hippy look, the dark brick facade gave the softness of the garden a cool effect, not unlinke hippies in teh 60's sticking it to the man (who ever this man happens to be..)
Anywho, I'll leave you to the pictures!

depth play

shadow play

GNU Image Manipulation Programme Play!

Saff/B xx


Hair & hat @ MONS (group gift)
Dress by 22769 @ Fashionably Late

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Combining Royal Purple and Seashell Peach

Belated again work and dissertation, excuse, excuse.

Happy Easter! Personally this is my favourite holiday of the year, at Christmas God sent us the best present ever but Easter is the day that his wishes came true.
God sent his only son to die for every one of you, for everything wrong you've thought, done or said. I have no words, but a bursting heart, to say how grateful I am.

Saff/B xx


Top @ elate! (past giftie)
Jacket @ Jane
Capris by *elymode* @ wear gray for a day (190L in support of brain tumour research)
Skin @ Mother Goose's (lucky board)
hair @ Exile (new release)
boots @ *G Field* (200L - exclusive for RFL)
earrings @ Purple Moon (past hunt item)
clutch by 22769 @ The Black Market

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Catching up with a look of the day

Sighing sadly at the fact she never got her article in in time ((due to RL circumstance)) she eyed the front page "news"

/me sighs cos she didn't get her article in in time

"But what have we here?!" she thinks "An article called what to wear" she wondered if she needed to read it, always shy of the fashions and not knowing if the boys were nice for niceness sake or nice because she looked glam!
But what have we here....? "What to wear" that looks good!


Jumper @ coldLogic (old hunt gift)
Vest (underneath) @ (freebie)
Skirt (see Saff/B)
Boots @ Duh! (new subscribo giftie!)
Hair @ Exile (new, so damn gorgeous!!!!)
Skin @ *YS&YS*
earrings @ Purple Moon (old hunt gift)