Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sneak Peaks and Freebies!!

Do you remember coldLogic? Well they're opening tomorrow, yes tomorrow! February 1st!!

They have loads of MESH goodies for sale and you only have to wait a few more hours before you can run over and grab them!

ALL LMs will be given IN the post so read through!

First I have the beautiful tilly top! A little argyle patterned turtleneck, cropped sleeves and two tones, the top is available in different colours but pink was my favourite!!
And a little further down is field trousers, also available in different colours but what doesn't black go with?!

Here we have josilin's jump suit! (again many colours) some reason I'm having a black day, the belt comes in three tones, gold, silver or both!

Oh and look, a close up! My glasses are the usual but the earrings are free from purple moon, they're a lucky gift you can win them every 10 minutes just by being there!! So go see how your luck holds!
Also the cute little silver necklace (I love silver!) is a new freebie from dirty little secret
- Also Dirty Little Secret has an upcoming hunt so sit tight and I'll get the details and items to you asap!!

Oh my gosh, I DIED when I put this dress (called witte) on!! Again many colours available but I felt the two tones of blue perfectly complimented my earrings.
I adore the floating detail over the top of the dress, it's so elegant and feminine, I don't think I will ever take this dress off, I feel like I just stepped off the catwalk!!

Last, but by no means least, is this tasty low cut number called hendricks, and oh... what's that hanging from my neck?! It's ANOTHER freebie!!! This one is designed by [glow] and is available from The Dressing Room's facebook group. All you have to do is like it and write your avatar's name on the wall. Now I know how people feel about divulging their RL selves to SL so my advice (if you choose to do it) is join, do your name and AS SOON AS you receive the necklace remove your comment.

Hopefully this reduces the risk and protects your identity as best as you can.
You get two necklaces and they are both divine, one browns and one pinks and blues

Hair @ lamb
Shoes @ Deco (past flf)
saff/B xx

Monday, 30 January 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Week 5

Another early morning in Hogwarts and the snow is still falling, so taking refuge in the warm Great Hall waiting for a hot breakfast. She toyed with the idea of wearing her new earrings to class this morning though she sincerely doubted any Professor would notice she didn't want to risk losing them for being too ostentatious..
They were the colour of her aunt's roof back at home in Sheepy Magna... the copper roofing had lasted 6 generations with the lovely patina covering that developed years before any of her currently living family's birth and Nanny Rushby of her Father's Mother's side was well into her second century!

Sighing to herself, she took her earrings out and after stuffing them into her cloak pocket she summoned her normal earrings from her dormitory room and popped them in. Thankfully the arrival of food on the table before her distracted her from her wussiness of being unable to break the rules.... that is apart from the monseigneur... no one had yet found out about him..!

Hair @ e. (220L)
Earrings @ Cihuae! (no longer available)
Uniform & etc. see here

Saff/B xx

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Quick plug

Bubica Designs is having a Get Your Rear In Gear Sale on the marketplace, all single poses are now 15L and couple poses are 39L.

Hopefully I will begin work on some more poses which will go up sooner rather than later!

Saff & B xx

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Having a lazy saturday

It's early on a Saturday and Saffie can't sleep. She loves saturdays for so many reasons, the main one being no classes and therefore no uniform! It would probably be a good idea to wrap up warm though, it's still a very cold winter and Hogwarts is up in Scotland and completely covered in snow!
The problem is, though, mother has still not sent on Saffie's gloves, she left them behind after the Christmas hols, she knew she'd forget something but didn't realise it would be something so important! Maybe she can get one of the Ravenclaw girls to knit her a pair....
Until then she'll have to wait for the snowball fight one of the boys suggested! And she definately can't have a snowball fight with her nails done so well!

Dress @ Humming (freebie, other dresses 30L)
Hair @ Exile (freebie - hate is colour change)
Tights @ Jane (25L)
Shoes @ Duh! (40L)
Nails @ R.icielli (20L - check discount section)

Saff/B xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

RL Cookery - Blue Cheese Pasta

I love cooking, love it, so what I aim to do now is try and put a few RL recipes up on here. So what follows is my Blue Cheese Pasta. It has a mild creamy flavour and less of the odour of blue cheese on it's own.

Serves 3 (decent portion) or 4 (small portion)
About 500 calories per person (for 3) or 375 (for 4)

You Need:
1 onion
150g Pasta - any type is good
150g blue cheese or more if you love blue cheese
300g Greek yoghurt - FULL fat (low fat separates)

1. Start cooking pasta, at half way point between your preferred state (well done or el dente) start the following steps
2.Chop onion and fry in oil of choice 'til browned
3. Chop blue cheese into decent size cubes and add to frying pan - the cheese should melt quite well, you can melt it fully or you can leave some cubes that haven't fully melted. Take care to STIR LOTS otherwise it will stick to the pan
4. Add the greek yoghurt and keep stirring, try not to let the yoghurt separate 2 minutes should be good
5. Drain pasta and add sauce to pasta - serve and eat with a some nice ciabatta!

Bon appetit!

B/Saff xx

A Cafe and some coldLogic

Walking through the cold streets of Paris she stumbled upon a small cafe on a quaint street corner, rounded cups of coffee steamed on each table, as if the previous visitor had only just left them untouched, undrunk... the candle light flickered in an unfelt breeze and one chair slipped out from under the table as if inviting her to take a seat...

coldLogic is soon to be opened and within their subscribo this MESH dress (and two others in shades of grey) can be found. They're also holding a competition to showcase this gorgeous dress and with an added incentive the winner of the competition gets the ENTIRE first release set
Visit coldLogic's blog for all the details!

Also, here's the first image pre-edited for you to see


Dress @ coldLogic (free)
Hair by Exile @ The Dressing Room (past item)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (past lucky board)
Fox Stole @ ohmai (past collabor88)
Socks @ A piece of candy (1L)

Saff/B xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

A bit o' 52 weeks and a bit o' H: YS

I've joined a new roleplay sim called Hogwarts: Your Story, it's based on the Harry Potter novels but 21 years on from the books. The sim is absolutely gorgeous and this is a quick picture of Ravenclaw tower with Saff being a member of Ravenclaw house. The sim is members only at the moment but The Alley Shoppes can be accessed by everyone for uniforms and the like!
[find uniform credits at the bottom]

So it's come to week 4 of the 52 weeks of colour challenge and this week's colour is iron, now Luna's iron is quite pale whereas I see iron being a dark silvery-grey
So my iron contribution is this tee-shirt dress and ma silvery school shoes!
Also, below, is one of my new weekend dresses as during the week and in classes at Hogwarts full uniform is required but I thought I'd go shopping for some tasteful dresses and some nice warm socks!
So Many Styles is having a sale so I thought I'd get some pretty outfits from there. I particularly adore the beautiful emerald dress, the ruffles and high neck make it less "sexed up" than most of the clothes on SL and hopefully make me look more like a 14 y/o!

Picture 1:
Hair @ e. (220L)
Jumper and shirt @ hanamachi - part of a full outfit set, skirt is included and all houses are available (175L)
School Skirt @ Accio! Etcetera (100L)
Cloak @ Accio! Etcetera (100L)
Tights @ Jane (25L)
Wand @ *BOOM* (25L from gatcha)
Shoes @ Duh! (25L)
Glasses @ Aris Aris (90L for three pairs)

Picture 2:
Hair by Exile @ The Dressing Room Blue (60L - 4 colours)
Tee- Dress @ So Many Styles  (90L - in half price sale)
Tights, Cloak, Glasses, Wand and Shoes as above

Picture 3:
Dress @ So Many Styles (100L - in half price sale)
Socks @ So Many Styles (70L)
Hair, Glasses, Cloak, Wand and Shoes as Above

Skin @ Tuli in all

Saff/B xx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Week 3

This is belated by a few days, 1. because it was a tricky colour to pin and 2. I've had exams and essays etc. etc. also family over at the weekend, many many excuses!

So I found one outfit, then found something else in my inventory and so decided to combine it all and hope it was Electric Indigo! I could have used one of my fae dresses but I'm trying to be more human now and again!

Coat @ The Vinyl Cafe (1L now group only, but worth it for a daily dollarbie, will be 50L from tomorrow)
Dress @ Cracked Mirror - MESH (usually 300L this dress 100L and is soooooo gorgeous!!)
Tights @ Jane (I think 60L now...?)
Top @ fri.day (past gift)
Hair @ Fashionably Dead - Jennyfly
Glasses @ ArisAris (90L for three pairs)
Skin @ Tuli

Saff/B xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Week 2

Week 2 brings us coral, and in all honesty coral is one of my least favourite colours, it's up there with peach and brown. Originally I was going to use my favourite skin as it has a beautiful coral coloured lipstick to it, it's quaint, flawless and suptuous... then while trawling my inventory I found some nice blushers which added to the overall corally tone

I knew I owned one sweater which is coral in colour but saw someone else used it, call me sad but I wanted to do something that I hadn't seen someone else use (seeing after is fine but not before!)
I also debated using the lovely coral Hucci shoes I blogged a few days ago but thought that slightly cheeky

So what should I find when sorting my dresses into colour groups than this soft, summery coral dress (yes yes I know it's winter still!)

So I still used my fave skin and the blusher, read the credits for more details

Skin @ Mamboo Chic (past lucky board, new one there now)
Blusher Apple Cheek Blush @ a.e.meth (past freebie, now 50L)
Dress @ S@bbia (group gift, still available)
Hair by Exile @ The Dressing Room Blue (70L)

Saff/B xx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Daily Dollarbie

I've discovered a new shop! It's Called Vinyl cafe and they do a daily dollarbie (lasting for 24 hours) so this lovely military jacket is todays daily dollarbie!

Now don't worry too much if you miss it because once the 24 hours is up a new dollarbie replaces it and this one will be available for 50L! As are all the past daily dollarbies!

The official blog is in the fashion blogs blog roll to the right of the screen so if I miss a dollarbie hopefully you won't!

Military jacket @ Vinyl cafe (1L)
Trousers @ mijn.t (no longer available)
Tights @ Jane (past freebie)
Shoes @ DUH! (25L i think)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (old lucky board, new one is there now!)
Hair @ e (fight)

Saff/B xx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Mesh Mish Mash

Two blog posts in a week?! I'm clearly procrastinating from this final essay!

On The Cat I blogged about the jeans and the black tee as a combo then went for a wander back at The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue
(warning in advance, I'm not doing a final bit with all the links so read well!)

And I found a VERY cute mesh skirt by R.icielli and a sweet pink top by Tee*fy (which again proves red heads can wear pink!) available at The Dressing Room and The Dressing Room Blue

The hair is a subscribo gift at Exile which I've tinted  a bit orange to suit my ginger-ness

Teamed with my pretty top and jeans in the same at paper.doll (all sale items either 25L or 50L) and my looovely new mesh shoes (subscribo item at Hucci) I look fah-bulous dah-link!

Every item I'm wearing is between 0 - 70L$

NB The picture of the black tee and union flag skirt has been flipped over so the flag is on the other side and the hair parts the other way as per the image on the right

Saff/B xx

Monday, 2 January 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Week 1

Happy New Year Everyone!
I made a Second Life New Years resolution which was to blog more and what better way to make me blog more than to start the 52 Weeks of Colour Challenge by Luna Jubilee?!
I've never done this before so hopefully I'll keep up and be able to blog weekly!

Week 1 is Champagne so here's my contribution!

Body suit and shoes by R.icielli @ The Dressing Room (70L New year set includes shoes, tee, jacket, body suit, dresses and more!)
Hair by Exile @ The Dressing Room Blue (60L)

Saff/B xx

Oooooh and a PS I'm getting married! I got proposed to in Disneyland Paris!