Saturday, 23 April 2011

Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith

Wednesday morning I woke up and logged on to my laptop. Usually I watch a bit of TV while getting ready but all I did that morning was cry.

You see people on TV and think them immortal, you think nothing can harm them and they'll never die.

My sister and I could only use one word to sum up how we felt at hearing the news that Elisabeth Sladen had died... devastated. Only on Tuesday night did I look on to the Sarah Jane Smith website to find out when series 5 would be released, I hate the cruel irony that she died that day.

I sit now and pretend to do my essay but really I'm watching Sarah Jane Smith on the CBBC channel and I think we should be so thankful that she is made immortal in thousands of pictures for us to watch and enjoy.

And I close with the title of the last Sarah Jane Smith adventure that she appeared in..

Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith