Friday, 28 October 2011

One of those moods

Today I'm not very well so I shan't wax lyrical too much over the gorgeous finds I've located today for my Look of the Day!
I think we all know by now that The Sea Hole is one of my favourite shops and a notice came out pointing me towards Seraphim which is a blog with an inworld location. The Sea Hole has released some lovely dresses to the people of the in world Seraphim group!
I pretty much clicked everything they had and mishmashed it together. The rest of my outfit are from the sales on right now or cheapies I've grabbed!

[below] a close up of the hair, make up, earrings and eyepatch.
Why an eyepatch you ask? Well I saw it, loved it, saw the price, loved it more, had to have it!

Dress by The Sea Hole @ Seraphim (free)
Makeup by Aura @ Seraphim (free)
Earrings by Kosh @ Seraphim

Eyepatch @ Bird Next Door Shop (20L)
Hair @ e (66L - sale runs til tomorrow!)
Shoes @ Maai (75L - sale runs until next week)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (past lucky board)
Poses  @ LAP

Saff/B xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

An autumn!

Classes are cancelled so I decided to spend my time at a waterfalls precipice

And I also thought I'd show off my new dress made by Evie Miles of Evie's Closet for The Gallery Gift Shop
It's so gorgeous and light and it moves like a dream.
The outfit comes with dress, hat, shoes, stockings and also wings (though I prefer to use my own)
Outfit by Evie's Closet @ The Gallery Gift Shop (99L)
Hair @ D!va (free group gift)
Skin by Paisley Jinn (no longer available)

Saff/B x

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Making History Horrible

Apologies to all my non-existent readers about my absence, I've moved back home after my wonderful boyfriend got a new job about 200 miles from me and packing and shifting 2 years worth of rubbish out of my childhood bedroom meant my laptop gathered a fine layer of dust while I slaved away!

I'm channelling my inner Victorian due to my slight obsession with Horrible Histories' Savage Songs!

And the fantastic socks are another new obsession thanks to Etoile! (plus my legs looked rather bare!)
And the shoes are my first experience of mesh!! so I'm rather proud of my little laptop surviving all this!
And these gorgeous eyes are not my normal colour but are a group gift!

Skin @ Mamboo Chic (lucky board)
Eyes @ Banana Banshee (group gift)
Hair @ e! (88l @ Collabor88)
Top @ artilleri (88l @ Collabor88)
Pants @ The Sea Hole (88l @ Collabor88)
Shoes @ Leverocci (70l @ The Dressing Room) MESH ENABLED ONLY
Socks @ PIG (free)
Poses @ Cherry & Cream (4 & 44L @ 4.44.444 event)

Saff/B xx