Friday, 25 July 2014

On Safari

coldLogic has some new releases and I loved this dress so much, it had a great safari theme to it and when I found the earrings from Ozzie's at The Dressing Room Fusion they were perfect.

Unbeknownst to me the theme for this rounds collabor88  is Safari which was perfect when I found some cheap shoes from my new favourite Pure Poison!

In the past I never stuck to one skin maker, I would always find free or cheap skins that I liekd and would wear whatever I felt would suit the day. However, since someone told me about The Skinnery I seem to have stuck with them for nearly 2 years so imagine my delight when I got a notice saying two skins were being retired and so discounted at 150L each. Even better when I found out that one of the skins is my favourite "Iris" which I had grabbed a few from The Arcade

I really love the lips and the nose on this skin because I do find it difficult to find a skin that suits my nose!

Anywho! Credits below!!

Saff/B xx