Monday, 18 June 2012

An Unmellow Yellow Store Project, #5

"I'm just mad about Saffron and she's just mad about me"

This week's 52 WoCC was MADE for me! So to honour the lovely Luna Jubilee I decided to nosey around bang! poses' new store build which is awesome!

I dressed down to keep with the rustic feel of the location which is rural and so green, it's perfect to take photos around. Luna has really outdone herself.

I just adored the weasels that happily roam around the land as well, I love weasels, stoats and ferrets so having a sit down to watch really appealed to me.
Luna is incredibly talented it her pose making which I've blogged here and I'm looking forward to the changing faces of bang! and I'm only diappointed that I didn't blog her last build!

Saff/B xx


Skirt @ Jane (the skirt is part of the pre-SS Mesh sale that is going on, be sure to buy a demo as they are NOT standard sizing)
Top @ (old freebie)
Hair @ Exile

Saturday, 16 June 2012

British Summer

British summers are all the same, so with a sigh she threw on the heavy jumper for the cold of the morning...

Though through the morning the sun began to push through the clouds so pulling off her sweater she reached into her trunk to find a nice casual tee

In the end though, even that was too hot so she pulled off the tee to appreciate the sun in her bum skimming hot pants

Saff/B xx


Stripey Jumper @ e! (monthly group gift - 400L join up fee)
Tee Shirt @ e! (free)
Hot Pants @ 22769 (Depraved summer hunt)
Skin by Illusory @ TDR Blue
Hair by Exile @ TDR Blue (tinted orange)

Suitcase @ [what next]

Friday, 15 June 2012

A new day

There is nothing I love more than good customer service, so when I ran top speed to the new round of The Dressing Room my heels skidded at R.icielli's shorts. I bought them hurried home and threw them on.

Unfortunately the creator had included a playsuit and an alpha that covered most of the arms. I'm not complaining about the creator because I then politely sent a notecard explaining it and within minutes I got a response of the actual shorts for sale and a response thanking me. I was just happy to catch the creator before many more bought the item and then Ricielli would have many more customers to contact!!

The shorts are absolutely gorgeous and if you buy them you'll agree as the layering is exquisitely flattering.

Another huge compliment going out to [glow] as they've produced not one but two items for The Dressing Room.
The bracelet is one and the earrings (shown below) are another. I *HAD* to buy the bracelet as it matches perfectly with a past item they released which I blogged here

The sandals are [CheerNo] for TDR, they contain a resize script which could easily make them unisex, the HUD for the skin colour change has a few presets which thankfully were perfect for me though I'm not sure how easy they would be for everyone.

Saff/B xx

Other Items:

Hair @ Exile
Top @ Cupcakes (past freebie)

Shades of Blue

*G Field*'s group gift got released today and it's the lovely pale blue romper suit, I adore anything with spots and this romper is perfect! The inside is textured too so it can be used in more poses and I love the softness of the bow that hangs so naturally down drom the chest.

I did say I'd pick up Wasabi Pills' other contribution for FLF!

Saff/B xx

It's back!

Fifty Linden Friday is back! It's probably it's first time gracing this blog but I am happy to see it back!!
It's a round up of the old faithful's with today's FLF, I'm not complaining as some new ones have been thrown in!

A bit of an alter ego look as Wasabi Pills provided a blonde and brunette hair, I will probably get the brunette later and attempt a tinting!
The boots are FAB they are so me and as they're mesh they flex with any pose instead of giving my feet a stiff look, they're from DECO, another of my favourite FLF regulars.

I bought Cheeky Pea's lemonade stand, cute poses though not great for skirts! The seat is meant to go behind the stall but I don't feel that showed off the poses well!

The glasses and makeup are from Adore and Abhor and they are AWESOME!!
I love how the sunglasses make you look sad and without the sunglasses the lips look just as awesome, the black eyeliner and eyebags are so cute too, the drawn look is so rare in SL!
The Dress and Shrug are by 22769 for Summer Fashion Festival and are stunning as usual, I love how you can really see the work that goes into them and the gradient of red to pale pink is brilliant!

Saff/B xx

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Surf's Up

Week 24 is Raspberry Glace, brilliantly bang! poses released a surfing freebie and the colour of the surf board matches perfectly!

I've been whining for ages about peter pan collars being non existant in SL and LaGyo have released one for The Dressing Room, I'd love to find one that can rest on clothes so I can have cutesy collars with all my clothes!

My skin is Glam Affair from TDR, the yellow eyeliner isn't for everyday wear in my opinion but that's what makeup layers are for! I adore the lips on the skin, as they're not trout pouty and smooth and even.
The dress is coldLogic for CHIC2 and comes in multiple colours, I just loved the pinky blush of this dress teamed so carefully with a soft blue.

~*~ Apologies, my SLurls aren't working right now, will update when they are

Saff/B xx

Hair by Exile (previously blogged)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

ReDecorating for Week 23

I've had to redecorate post-party because for enough prims I had to remove half the innards of my house!
Now week 23 is Pistachio and I'm betting EVERYONE has chosen this gorgeous coldLogic romper suit so I'm not going to wax lyrical about their fab creations but I'm gonna natter about my housing!

I buy most of my decorations and seats from LISP, in world and at their marketplace they have 10L sale items all the time and that what I adore, the poses are dated, obviously due to the fact they're retired items but they are beautful and very low prim which I love!

I love the little accessories some come with, such as this guitar the actions for it are ace. And yes, I know, deckchairs belong outside but I like to be a bit quirky with my decor!

I changed romper suits for my new outdoor furniture, the sun cream is another cute accessory that the furniture comes with!
This romper suit is a subscribo gift from Hucci, as it's free there's no worries but if you do plan on buying items from Hucci do try their demos first if they have them as they don't go by standard sizing.

Saff/B x

Red, White and Blue me away!

This extended weekend has seen the whole of the UK and I'd say th majority of the commonwealth celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the Second. The celebrations are ongoing for the next two days and it's amazing to see so many communities come together.

I threw a garden party at my house on Friday (see more pictures here) and wore this and had an awesome time! It's lovely to feel less isolated from the SL community when you just sail along never realising how alone you can be in such a huuuuge world!



Outfit @ coldLogic (gassel trousers, phaeton top & gish belt, part of a dress)
Hair @ elikatira
Necklace @ [glow]

Friday, 1 June 2012

I blog therefore I am

I am loving the pose that aDORKable has set out for free, aimed at bloggers well.... the pictures say it all!

New! Gorgeous bangles from 22769 for The Silk Road Hunt; another gorgeous release from my two favourite guys on SL, the jewellery is well textures and hangs well on the wrist. And a dress from la petite morte for 50L, it's one of a collection of colours all 50L each and I love the ruched effect! thankfully my boobs are small so fit the XS quite well and I love the length!

Tinting feet... nailed it! my feet are from Gaeline Creations for 380L. They are gorgeous, you can change the skin tone, nails, nail design and tattoos, only problem is you can't enter the RGB values to the HUD but it is relatively easy to use as it has lots of presets that you can choose from and then alter the + or - of the red green and blue values. Fiddly but very good and well made feet!

Addicted to hair! New hair from elikatira (return) for 250L. Gorgeous and mesh it has a HUD to change the hair.

Saff/B xx

Everybody do the Mesh Around!

I'm usually not a jewellery person but more and more designers are sending out stunning releases that I can't help but want them!

The mesh bracelets you see here are for The Accessories Hunt from Sleeping Koala, the lovely evie has organised this hunt so make sure you check it out!

The Accessories Hunt

The bracelet and ring I'm sporting are from the Mesh Around hunt and are also by Sleeping Koala

Mesh Around
What I love most about these items is that they're modifiable, usually jewellery only shrinks so far but the bracelets and rings all can be stretched and shrunk to fit you perfectly!

The hunts start on June 1st so have fun!

Saff/B xx


Hair @ Truth (group gift)
Blouse & Capris @ coldLogic
earrings @ Intrigue co.