Saffron Foxclaw, Saff, Saffie / B

Saff comes in many guises, some may see her as a seelie fae with red hair and pinky-purple eyes which is her more common look on the other hand you may see her as an unseelie fae with dark skin with pale hair and greyish eyes. More commonly she'll be dressed normally but always with wings and ears to show she's different.

Regardless of how Saffie looks it's always the same person behind her, B. A few people know the person behind her but just a quick overview for those who don't.
B is a poet, a writer, a nurse, a student, a Christian, a partner, a friend, a daughter, a sister.
B is hyper, smiley, happy, funny, marmite, loving, young, flamboyant.
B suffers from migraines and depression but they never stand in her way.

This is the blog of Saff but every now and again B will drop by.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy!

Saff's Look:

Fae Shots -

Wings no longer available
Lashes no longer available

Human Shots -

uniform shirt (from a set includes skirt, jumper and tie)
cloaks long or short

Pose Credits:

I made poses myself which you can find under Bubica Designs on the Marketplace
BUT when blogging I tend to use Long Awkward Pose (LAP)
I strive to make poses as good as Dove's!
I also use poses by Olela Parx of Olela Alert