Tuesday, 11 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like.....


And boy can you feel the chill in the air!!

This stylish ensemble probably wasn't a great idea for this weather, especially considering my little cottage is snowed in!

Dress @ e! (group gift)
Hair @ Magika (250L)
Tights @ Jane
Jewellery by [glow] @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Shoes by Slink @ The Dressing Room Fusion

So I decided to warm up a bit in my new sweater (tulip) and scarf (pesca) from the arcade

I have to say, I love this skin I got from the Arcade it's the skinnery and it's called winter and I love the pink nose and cheeks, I wore it with MONS sunny smoke eyeshadow (from the new dressing room fusion)

Saff/B xx

Poses by label motion @ TDR Fusion

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Redecorating at the gatcha

I've not been to the arcade gatcha before, too afraid of spending too much money so I've only got gifties from friends who have too many of one thing but I decided to brave the gatchas, all the gatchas I used were under 100L

Sat on Chair @ Zigana
Shoes @ Ingenue
Skin @ the skinnery
Chair and books @ Zinnias (Non gatcha Item - home for Christmas hunt)

Pose @ flowey
Chair @ HANDverk
Clock @ Sway's

chair @ HANDverk
Pose @ bang!
tree @ Pilot
earrings @ swallow

hair @ wasabi pills
dress @ 22769


Saff/B xx

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A mexican winter

coldLogic's "new" release (new to me on my belated blogging) has a brilliantly mexican style to it. Ok, so mexican to me is Santa Fe at Disneyland Paris ergo highly stereotyped

The CheerNo boots I picked up at The Dressing Room's last rotation suited perfectly, they're men's boots but have a resize script. I love cowboy boots, I've always wanted a pair in RL and I love the tiled design on these

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Magika
Taken @ tableau

Friday, 2 November 2012

A Fallen Angel

This post has been bugging me for ages, I suppose it'll be a work in progress because I'm not sure if I'm happy with it

Saff/B xx


Dress @ beetlebones
Hair @ Exile
Skin @ *YS & YS*
Wings @ *BOOM*
Earrings @ [glow]
Make up @ Miamai
Top 2 poses @ Magnifique
Bottom 2 poses by marukin @ Collabor88

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Classy evening out

This is quite possibly the best item I've ever seen from 22769, the detailing on the Chinese silk styling is absolutely stunning and the mesh falls perfectly. The dress is for 11am at Fair

I bought these shoes from the *G Field* hallowe'en sale (orange and black items half off) for 100L and they come with a touch menu which changes the buckle, strap styles and sole colour. For not being mesh they are rather nifty and can be adapted for any outfit.

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Exile (free rn)
Lipstick @ Adore and Abhor
Eyeshadow @ Miamai
Blush @ Grix
Eyeliner @ Mons
Necklace @ Alchemy Immortalis

A change of scenery

I felt like a bit of a change, I've been human too long

I bought this stunning centaur attachment in beetlebones, it was only 300L and you can buy it in 4 different colours, i chose sable as it suited my ginger-ness

The horns came free

I really enjoyed taking pictures of a less human side of myself

Saff/B xx

centaur @ beetlebones
skin @ the skinnery
make up @ huit
hair @ exile

Rockabilly retro

The new magika hair is perfect for rocking the rockabilly retro

Colour change head band and available for 250L for a massive colour pack

can't say fairer than that

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Magika
Clothes @ coldLogic
skin @ the skinnery
lipstick @ Adore and Abhor
eyeliner @ Mons

Monday, 29 October 2012

cold winter

It's going to be a cold winter but thankfully coldLogic has some winter warmers for sale to keep me nice and cozy!

I pottered around my garden in my new get up

plurked a bit

read with a nice cup of coffee

and generally wasted the day

Saff/B xx

outfit @ coldLogic
hair @ exile

Thursday, 25 October 2012

New skin - NSFW

In my whole time on second life I'd only once bought a full price skin and that was back in the day.
A good friend showed off her new skin and I really liked it so I headed over to the skinnery and had a look around.
The skins are lovely, incredibly unique and well made. They cost a bit more than I'd usually spend on anything in SL but it was definitely worth it. At 990L they're hardly a bargain but the work that has gone into them is clear.

There's a bit of nudity after the break

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

If only...

If this wasn't so bitty and grainy because my graphics card is ready to conk out this could be a semi-decent picture if I do say so myself

Saff/B xx

Hair by Alice Project @ Fair
Top @ coldLogic
Shoes @ *G Field* (currently half price - 150L)

Bring on the orange

I've never celebrated Hallowe'en in real life, never been trick or treating and I've never been to a Hallowe'en party.
But I absolutely adore this cute dress and boots set by *G Field* I don't think I'll take this off for a long time

I love the cutesy Peter Pan collar and the design is flawless, possibly my favourite mesh piece ever

I'm wearing the exile hair again, in honesty I didn't really like it at first but I've teamed it with MONS eyeliner which gives it a Dusty Springfield feel to it.
The bow comes with the FREE outfit

And the shoesssssss!!! I have these boots in brown and pink and the hallowe'en versions are amazing, I think the spider hanging from the cuff is a special touch!

The shoes aren't free but are really reasonably priced, under 100L (apologies, when trying to find out how much SL crashed on me!)

Saff/B xx

Casual to Couture

 A while ago I blogged about Valentina E. Couture, when I wrote that post Evangeline Eames had just started making mesh, since then she has come on so far, the two dresses I'm showing today are from her two brands.
The first dress is from Valentina E at the Vinyl Cafe I've always been a fan of this store and the monthly group gifts are promised to be exclusive mesh

The rigging is done so well, I'm wearing an XS in both the dresses

This gorgeous dress is from Valentina E. Couture and it's a subscribo gift (the bow comes with it too) I love the colour!

The hair was a group gift from Exile!

Saff/B xx

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Murder 1

The ditzy blonde, always the first to die in a horror movie... well not her, she dip-dyed the tips of her hair, especially for this hallowe'en
Creeping through the darkened room she spotted a bloody handprint, a hatchet glinted in the moonlight hanging from a bloodied coat...

Stumbling away she glanced around in horror, wondering when she would feel a hatchet between her shoulder blades...
Her bare feet slipped in the glistening pool of blood that lingered, almost invisible outside the rays of moonlight

Cracking her head on the floor she really wished she'd worn shoes that evening...

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Magika (free subscribo gift this month)
Dress @ Adore & Abhor @ cinema
Bloody coat prop @ Zinnias
Eyes @ Banana Banshee

A/W re-decoration

 A bit of redecoration here and there!

This lovely set was from collabor88 by Cheeky Pea (damn her for making such amazing stuff!)
The skirt is the October gift from e! (group join fee)
The lovely hair (i think) I've blogged before and is from Truth, I'm pretty sure it was free


Saff/B xx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Real Life meets Second Life

I'm clearly a little belated with everything with no excuse!
But I have redecorated my house though I can bet once I get to Collabor88 it'll change again (Cheeky Pea, need I say more?!)

This dress is e!'s September gift (should still be available - remember join fee)
I love it because it looks so like the navy dress from Victoria Beckham's A/W collection!
I love how RL fashion filters through to SL and how it's available to everyone!

My hair is another Truth release, again another RL fashion filtering to SL, I wish my RL hair was long enough for a fishtail braid! My only qualm with this lovely hair is that I had to adjust my brow size because some poses make it poke through but otherwise, gorgeous!

Saff/B xx

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Autumn's Calling

Autumn's here! The leaves are falling and warm wear is IN!

But warm shouldn't mean drab or dull!
This gorgeous skirt from 22769 is their contribution to The Gallery Gift Shop and has all of the stunning shades of autumn!

I teamed it with E!'s August group gift (still available, group join fee). I can see this shade of blue being in this season and echoed in RL and SL
I wore a yellow dress tucked into my skirt which was a gift from Cynful's subscribo

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Truth
Poses @ Magnifique - fantastic poses, incredibly well priced and benefits customers with loyalty lindens!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Week 34

I'm doing this week's inbetween my catch up.

I thought Russet would be a really difficult colour to do but whilst clearing through my inventory I found this lovely dress from Cupcakes. Unfortunately I'm not sure if it's a group gift or for sale or whatnot so I'd advise having a nosey around the store

My hair is a new release from Exile, it's so classic and looks really lovely, I'd advise getting a demo and checking it out on yourself!

Saff/B xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue - Blogger Challenge!

So.. I don't know how many people will do this but I thought I'd do a blogger challenge.

Hunt in your inventory and find something old, older than 6 months would be best

Then find something new/buy something new.

Borrow something from a friend, be it an item of clothing, a pose, anything.

And find something blue!

Throw it together and blog it and if you have flickr, post it here

Old - Epoque hair

New - The most beautiful ear cuff by [glow] @ TDR Blue

Borrowed - I borrowed my favourite Julliebear's skysphere as a setting!

Blue - This gorgeous nautical top by Baisatice @ TDR Blue

Saff/B xx

Catching Up - Part 2

Paying a bit of tribute here to two of the loveliest gentlemen in Second Life.

Behind 22769 is Manuel and Paco who are so lovely, when I apologised for not blogging they were fantastically understanding so this post is (practically) all about them!

Past Gallery Gift Shop Item - 22769

Trousers - Swimming Pool Blue Hunt Gift
Top - *Perception* @ Vintage Fair

Outfit - The Gallery Gift Shop
Week 32 Jonquil
The Gallery Gift Shop

Saff/B x