Friday, 24 June 2011

Doing lines

"I must not tease the fae, I must not tease the fae, I must not...."

So one of my favourite shops, The Sea Hole, has put out a hunt item in the form of this gorgeous little playsuit, I blogged it on The Cat today in summery fashion, heels, sunnies and at the beach, while in my heart of hearts I KNEW when I put it on it had strands of DNA and carbon chains all over it!
So I had to redeem myself and blog it how I feel it should be blogged, and that's at school!
Now I know things I'm wearing have been doing the blog rounds (which drives me slightly insane at times!) put I doubt anywhere put together in this way!

The Writing Desk was made by a very good friend who made it for a roleplay in Avilion and thankfully put it on the Marketplace!

I wanted a satchel á la the 1930's but they're not all too easy to find so I grabbed this cute rucksack which is fully mod so I did a bit of fitting to myself which is thankfully nice and easy!
And what's the betting Miss Rosemarie Indigo of Banana Banshee is going to murder me when she finds out I've bought the freckles she sells? (Mine went missing) and the eyes were from the lucky board so hopefully she can't kill me for that!

Playsuit @ The Sea Hole (free hunt gift)
Hair @ D!va (second anniversary gift, it's a lag fest as it's so popular so please go low prim!)
Boots @ Duh! (20L)
Skin (Bella) @ Tuli
Teeth @ Tuli (free)
Freckles @ Banana Banshee (10L)
Eyes @ Banana Banshee (Lucky Board, very short wait)
Glasses @ Deco (not sure if available)
Socks @ La Viere (free opening gift)
Backpack @ Lisa Jester (100L - half price though i don't know how long for)

Desk @ Cux's Creations (249L)
Paper @ Cux's Creations (49L) - pretty sure cux would do requests for specific texts, he does a set of traditional wedding vows on the marketplace too


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Off her guard in Avant Garde

The flowers didn't see her coming

and the wine CERTAINTLY didn't see her coming!

I've spent AGES trying to find the perfect location to take pictures for this outfit and then when I got them blogger decided it would be awkward and not let me upload the shots!
If you are a follower of The Cat you should know by now my favourite shop is The Dressing Room and it's counter part The Dressing Room Blue so when I saw this jacket with shoes at The Dressing Room I immediately thought of the gorgeous skirt I have hidden in my inventory that I can never seem to match with anything!
Jacket and Shoes by R.icielli @ The Dressing Room (70L)
Skirt @ Kyoot (100L)
Vest Top @ Kyoot (50L til the end of the week)
Hair @ Tiny Bird (Closed)
Skin (Bella in Raven) @ Tuli
Eyeliner @ cheLLe (free @ kozmetika)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Boho Summer

I apologise in advance for the rubbish first photo, a clearer view of this sumptuous skirt can be seen here but SL recently just hates me!Down to the goods though!
So I'm in a bit of a hippy mood, never lived in the 60's (70's or 80's for that matter) but my soul screams retro and vintage and to abate it's terror I spend what I can on gorgeous bits of vintage!
I Blogged on The Cat about the gorgeous skin Im wearing so I won't wax lyrical about it

Hair @ Exile (from The Dressing Room so I don't know if it's available)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (Lucky Board)
Sandals @ BF (150L)

Outfit 1:
Top @ The Sea Hole (120L)
Skirt @ Zaara (225L)

Outfit 2:
Dress by MichaMi @ The Dressing Room (60L) (225L at the main store)


Monday, 13 June 2011

Make Up

Ok, so I shall be honest with you, in RL I am the queen and mistress of applying my own make up, so much so that I can do it at 5.30am before I begin an early shift at the hospital... so maybe I'm not up to the standards of one Auxiliary Nurse I met who had mastered bright pink, glittery lipstick and false eyelashes but I digress.

I departed the world of SL just before viewer 2 came into being and upon my return I was baffled by the "make up layer" that some fashion blogs were cooing over and I decided it just wasn't for me, I was an old school lover of skins and that was that.

Until now! For those like me who are bewildered by SL blusher, mystified by SL mascara and stupefied by SL shadow of the eye variety then keep on reading. If, though, you are "down with da kids," as our dear Mr. David Cameron would say, on the how2 of SL make up then maybe you could read on to appreciate the deal I've found?

Obviously the names of each make up are under each picture and I thought I'd include an au naturel Saffie as a comparison. Click on the picture to get a close up view of all the make ups or have a gander at my flickr photostream

And do you want to know the best part? All these make ups are ONLY 1L on the Marketplace from ee.!

The original skin I used was Sayuri @ Tuli
Hair @ Lamb
Dress @ 20.FIVE - 25L, actually.. ALL their stuff is 25L and very cute too!


Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Moving House

In Second Life I've had a good few homes and moving house was easy, search the item name, drag it out your inventory and move it around until voila c'est parfait!
Now in Real Life I've moved multiple times either due to my mum's job or from University Halls to home in holidays and back again and then from home to my student home.
What I'm doing now is slightly more difficult, I've moved from my student home into my boyfriend's home. In theory it's perfect, I pay less rent (so I can take my bike test and get myself a "vroom vroom bike"), I see the love of my life every day, I have somewhere to live for my final semester, yes all in all it IS perfect, I feel that my boyfriend and I are getting along better because we don't have the stress of finding a whole new place and I get to cuddle him whenever I want (unless he's at work or training for his next triathlon/marathon/whatever)
Yep, it's perfect... apart from unpacking!!
A new house is easy to unpack into, you know what is going where and so forth, but moving into a home that is already inhabited is a bitch! I have to figure where my copious shoe collection will fit, where my clothes will sneak in and I need a whole drawer (and I mean a whole drawer) all to myself JUST for underwear!
Thankfully my neuroses have been abated now my Disney DVD collection is stored in chronological order (from release date) and all my clothes are unpacked, but it's now I realise just how many books I own!
When everything is unpacked I'll blog something extra special, I promise!
Until then, take care!


Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday's Saffron

The sun is shining, it's a lovely day (and yes I saw Avenue Q last night... again!) but the sun IS shining and it IS a lovely day but I've forgotten my sunscreen and I'm stuck in doors though I'd rather be cool behind the thick old walls of my house than roasting myself with nothing to do..

So Saffie's taking my place and going outdoors, she's also picked up some great bargains!

And now she has nothing to do but sit on a swing and let the cool summer breeze swing her

Importantly, one of my favourite shops "The Sea Hole" is having a sale, one item of each clothing line is 50L and they're gorgeous, I love The Sea Hole because it's clear so much effort goes into their work as the details are just fantastic. It's also quirky but classy, no nipple slippage or butt crack showing in these capris and summer blouse.

Blouse and Capris @ The Sea Hole - 50L each
Sandals @ BF - 150L
Hair @ Philotic Energy - Blogger Exclusive but loads of lovely hair still
Skin @ Glam Affair - previous freebie
Bangles @ Chuculet - no longer available

Hope the hot weather is good for you all


Friday, 3 June 2011

Todays not-so-much procrastination

Now as I blogged on The Cat Exile have some lovely free hairs and I did say I would blog saff's daily outfit later after my final exam but celebratory drinky-poos got in the way of that so here I am, a day late but still lovely!
I'm wearing Exile's Eva in this picture because I just love it with my new outfit

Now again, I had a little moment and needed to complete my outfit and so I hunted for socks, but thanks to the lovely Etoile (I adore her blog!) I saw she was wearing some lovely russet socks which were only 1L so I decided to take a peek and found some lovely blue socks to match my dress and I picked up a white pair too, you know... just in case!

Finally a full picture so you can see the whole outfit without Saffie sneakily looking away!
Hair @ Exile - free
Skin @ Mons - was from The Dressing Room
Shoes @ DUH! - 25L to support relay for life
Socks @ A Piece of Candy - 1L
Dress @ Sweeter Than Candy - was a 60L weekend special, new dress there now. This dress is now 150L
Have a lovely day!!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Todays quirk

is taking on the 1930's post The Great War vibe
I don't know how accurate I am really seeing as if it weren't for the lovely lacey bra under that shirt Saffie would have her boobs out but we did the best we could.

What I love to do is find one gorgeous new piece of clothing and instead of making a nightmare mishmash by adding bog-standard modern jeans that hang from one's arse and some thigh high tacky black boots I have a fantastically pedantic moment and I have to find something new to go with it... this sort of explains why my inventory count has gone up and my balance has gone down... but hey ho, we look good in the process!
Come to think of it I do that often in real life too, my poor boyfriend when I move in will have a struggle finding a place to fit my extensive shoe and underwear collection! But that's beside the point!
The shirt I'm wearing was the buy that spiralled this whole 30's look

Shirt 10L @ Pixeldolls
Skirt 50L @ Kyoot
Shoes 25L @ DUH!
Bra no longer available BUT plenty of 50L underwear sets and 99L corsets @ Love Lace
Tights no longer available @ So Many Styles {SMS}
Skin luckyboard @ Mamboo Chic
Hair @ Tiny Bird - no longer open :(

Saff/B x