Friday, 30 March 2012

On Location, Store Project #3 visits Week 13

I sat down to blog last Sunday, wondering what colour of Tea Green I could pick out of my inventory, at that moment my fiance ran in the house asking for the number for the local police. It turns out whilst he'd been walking the dog he was chatting on the phone to his mum and some boys cycled past, grabbed his phone (and eye) and stole his phone. Understandably we were all quite shaken up by this and add this along side my dissertation, 4 other essays and depression and our heads just spiralled.
So this is late...

I put this 52 WoCC along side another On Location, this week I visted Lindsay Pinelli's store "Little House of Curios" after she mentioned having a waterfall on Plurk! Little House of Curios sells little bits and bobs of cute, low prim, superbly made furniture!
I loved the decor outside, the flowers surrounding the trees are so simple and quaint, they worked really well with my early spring/summer look that I put together!

I really should've got a picture of the waterfall but here's a close up of Saff about to take a dive!

She's wearing:
Shirt @ coldLogic
skin by *YS & YS* @ The Dressing Room
swim suit @ *G Field* (past gift)
glasses @ Deco (past gift)
Hair @ Dura (gift)
Shoes @ Hucci (past gift)

Saff/B xx

Sunday, 18 March 2012

On Location, Store Project #2 & Week 12

Another on Location post which I've mixed with the 52 weeks of Colour Challenge, this week's colour is St. Patrick's Blue (take your pick between my jacket or skirt!)

I've chosen the Dressing Room and the Dressing Room Blue for my location this week, I think there's something very classy about a landscape that epitomises spring, though it looks very simple I love the quirky trees and the houses colours are very fresh.

A balcony view

Rabbit Landscape

Eyeing the Scenery

Saff/B xx

Hair by Exile @ the Dressing Room Blue (60L colour edited)
Skin by Atomic @ The Dressing Room (70L)
Top @ Willow (dollarbie)
Mesh Jacket @ coldLogic
Skirt @ 22769 (group gift, part of an outfit)
Mesh Shoes @ *G Field* (subscribo gift)
Tights @ Jane (cheap)
Glasses @ Dirty Little Secret (easter hunt)

Thursday, 15 March 2012

On Location, Store Project #1

For a while now I've been saying I will start blogging store locations, some stores in SL are beautiful, either in scenery or design, and aren't often appreciated, usually you land, you shop, you go home.

So every now and again I'm gonna take the time to blog a location.

Today it's Sleeping Koala, I'm not sure if it's false advertising by blogging a location but not blogging their clothes.... but I have blogged Sleeping Koala many a time, maybe that will be my rules, only blog a location I've blogged clothes for
Evie makes fantastic clothes (as proven here) and clearly has put lots of effort into the surroundings of her store

I could go on but I suppose I shall let the pictures do tha talking
A perfect place to ponder

Surrounded by foliage and flowers

Sumptuous colours


Hair @ MONS (recoloured - group gift 100L join fee, available for one more day)
Skin @ *YS & YS* (past TDR)
Glasses @ Dirty Little Secret (easter hunt)
Necklace @ Dirty Little Secret (easter hunt)
Mesh Top (worn as a dress) @ coldLogic (new)
Socks @ sn@tch (cheapies)
Mesh Boots by *G Field* @ Fashion For Life (200L for RFL)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Eventually Aquamarine

I've moved... again... 6th move in three years due to placements, but I digress!

Week 11 is aquamarine, due to moving I'm (obviously) not posting on the Sunday, and as I'm not a pale blue person, it seems, I've chosen a pair of Banana Banshee eyes, Banana Banshee is my staple and I seem to have them in every colour, usually pink or green it's odd seeing my av with blue eyes but it seems to go so well!

Oh and the outfit! The jewellery is a gift from the Purple Moon subscribo for having 12,000 group members, it is a very heavy piece of jewellery but it's so out there I have decided I love it!!

My dress is mesh and from Tres Beau, a free group gift for February and March, very curvy, it comes with belt and cowel but I'm happy to wear a wool maxi!
For some reason I find the beach in winter so beautiful, it's abstract and not normal hence why I find it strangely alluring! I took my picture here and it was lovely to explore

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Exile (free)
Skin @ Rockberry (free)

Together in Paris... Hipster Anastasia

I do love this picture that Xaqueline posted

and I have seen it before but a flickr/blogger challenge was set up called Which Princess! I chose Anastasia (who is NOT, i repeat NOT, a Disney princess but I digress) as she's a red head, spunky and willing to go to the ends of the earth (or Paris, whichever way you see it) to get what she wants!

So here's mine and follow the link to see other's interpretations of our classic and modern hipster princesses!

Saff/B xx

PS and I just realised my tights came off!! :(

(mesh) Dress @ coldLogic
(mesh) Jacket @ coldLogic
(mesh) boots by *G Field* @ Fashion For Life (200L for relay for life)
Hair @ Exile (free colour tester)
Necklace @ yoyo9 (1L)
Skin @ Tuli
Eyes Venus in Eden @ Banana Banshee

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Adoring Taxidermy!

Eventually blogging this!
I just adore this skin and dress (no pun intended) by Adore & Abhor, Sileny and Airedine really surpass themselves with each new creation!
The skin and eyes are for Flux which has the theme of taxidermy this month (do NOT google it! gross!)

Eek also, my new boots, by 22769, GORGEOUS right?! I did blog a similar pair but these are red and divine and for blackmarket, only 100L!

The dress is at Collabor88 available in a variety of colours but I just love the sumptuous shades of purple in this version!

I teamed the dress with 22769's corset also for Flux, it is a whole outfit but I LOVED it with the dress for some reason!

Saff/B xx

Credits (of all the rest):

hair @ Junwave (no longer open)
nails @ Mad Echo (cheapies)
ring @ R.icielli
legging @ COCO (old gift)
tights (under leggings) @ Mstyle (old gift)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week 10 ~ The Forbidden Forest

(Quick OOC - week 10's colour is avocado)

She couldn't remember why she was doing this... was it a dare, was she cursed, or did she just feel a bit daring? Regardless of why she did it she felt brave... maybe the warmth flooding through her was bravery and not the potion she thought someone had slipped into her drink.

Peering above her, the gates towered high, blocking the entrance.. unlocked and so she pushed gently, the gates swung noiselessly to gape forbodingly in front of her.

Scuttling past the gates, her feet left telling tracks... no one came here so hopefully snowfall would cover them, she thought.
The sign stood, plain and stark, the word forbidden seemed darker and more terrifying yet she pushed on

and once you break the rules, there's no looking back... well maybe one last look..

Hair @ Magika (125L)
Top and Jacket (Mesh) @ coldLogic
Capris @ The Sea Hole (currently a 50L sale)
socks @ a piece of candy (1L)
Boots @ Duh! (40L)
Skin by *YS & YS* @ TDR (70L)

Saff/B xx

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Q is for aQua puff dress

The creator Donna Flora has been ill and Casja Lillihook has organised an A-Z challenge of her items, I got Q and could not find anything until I stumbled across this GORGEOUS mesh release (250L).. the shoes I teamed with it are also Donna Flora and only 1L, I don't think I'll ever take them off!!

So I thought I'd take my 60's retro look and clash it with the screaming 70's....

The music pounded and it just wasn't her thing...

But the bass took hold and she rocked that beat..

Donna Flora
Skin By *YS & YS* @ TDR (70L)
Hair @ Exile (past gift)