Saturday, 10 December 2011

Faux Fox Fur Kills?!

I love myself a little bit of Collabor88! I also love myself a bit of plurk so when I saw anya.ohmai's picture of what she was to release for collabor88's prom theme I fell in love. She had produced a really quaint set of fox stole's (like what you'd see in the 30's), I forgot all about them until I saw on plurk that people had been griefing the collabor88 creators for this and that and they'd decided to take on ohmai's "a little foxy"  set by accusing her of animal cruelty.

Some people really need to get a life and realise in SL all fox stoles are FAUX as it is pixels...

So I decided to strip of for a good cause, even in Winter I am a die hard Greenpeace supporter so I thought I'd take this opportunity to promote faux fur as it saves many furry cute little animal lives!

Now don't forget it is winter and Saff is enjoying being wrapped up warm

And in the nud it is FREEZING!!!

But it's all for a great cause!

Faux fur stole by ohmai @ collabor88 (88L)
Dress @ Tres Blah
Cardigan by Tee*fy @ The Dressing Room (old collection)
Hair (tabitha) by Exile @ The Dressing Room (old collection)
Tights @ Jane (past subscribo - i think)
Shoes @ COCO (group gift)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (lucky board)
Makeup @ ee. (1L)

Saff/B xx


Friday, 28 October 2011

One of those moods

Today I'm not very well so I shan't wax lyrical too much over the gorgeous finds I've located today for my Look of the Day!
I think we all know by now that The Sea Hole is one of my favourite shops and a notice came out pointing me towards Seraphim which is a blog with an inworld location. The Sea Hole has released some lovely dresses to the people of the in world Seraphim group!
I pretty much clicked everything they had and mishmashed it together. The rest of my outfit are from the sales on right now or cheapies I've grabbed!

[below] a close up of the hair, make up, earrings and eyepatch.
Why an eyepatch you ask? Well I saw it, loved it, saw the price, loved it more, had to have it!

Dress by The Sea Hole @ Seraphim (free)
Makeup by Aura @ Seraphim (free)
Earrings by Kosh @ Seraphim

Eyepatch @ Bird Next Door Shop (20L)
Hair @ e (66L - sale runs til tomorrow!)
Shoes @ Maai (75L - sale runs until next week)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (past lucky board)
Poses  @ LAP

Saff/B xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

An autumn!

Classes are cancelled so I decided to spend my time at a waterfalls precipice

And I also thought I'd show off my new dress made by Evie Miles of Evie's Closet for The Gallery Gift Shop
It's so gorgeous and light and it moves like a dream.
The outfit comes with dress, hat, shoes, stockings and also wings (though I prefer to use my own)
Outfit by Evie's Closet @ The Gallery Gift Shop (99L)
Hair @ D!va (free group gift)
Skin by Paisley Jinn (no longer available)

Saff/B x

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Making History Horrible

Apologies to all my non-existent readers about my absence, I've moved back home after my wonderful boyfriend got a new job about 200 miles from me and packing and shifting 2 years worth of rubbish out of my childhood bedroom meant my laptop gathered a fine layer of dust while I slaved away!

I'm channelling my inner Victorian due to my slight obsession with Horrible Histories' Savage Songs!

And the fantastic socks are another new obsession thanks to Etoile! (plus my legs looked rather bare!)
And the shoes are my first experience of mesh!! so I'm rather proud of my little laptop surviving all this!
And these gorgeous eyes are not my normal colour but are a group gift!

Skin @ Mamboo Chic (lucky board)
Eyes @ Banana Banshee (group gift)
Hair @ e! (88l @ Collabor88)
Top @ artilleri (88l @ Collabor88)
Pants @ The Sea Hole (88l @ Collabor88)
Shoes @ Leverocci (70l @ The Dressing Room) MESH ENABLED ONLY
Socks @ PIG (free)
Poses @ Cherry & Cream (4 & 44L @ 4.44.444 event)

Saff/B xx

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Look Of The Day

I know that usually I prefer to blog freebies or cheapies but today I thought I'd share my Look Of The Day. After a nice, long discussion with the "Second Life Fails and Fugs" crew on the merits of proper neko tails I decided to dress up as my neko fae and see if it's Fug or not!

So Saff has gone strawberry blonde instead of full blown ginger with cute white, pierced kitty ears and a nice swishy white tail. I made sure to remove my fae cum-elf ears to avoid THAT fug of having 4 ears!

Also, the pig is called Praze, she used to have a nice warm bed at my old house but now unfortunately she only comes out when I have to carry her and she IS getting fat!

Hair & Ears @ Cri Cri
Dress & Head band @ Lo*momo (past hunt gift)
Skin @ InSanity (can't locate the store)
Tail @ How Vexing (184L) comes in two types, sleek and persian with editable size and "swish"
Pig @ D-Lab (200L)


Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Long Awkward Pose in Wonderland

I had a lovely surprise when I logged onto SL this afternoon. Dove Love of Long Awkward Pose had sent me her blogger pack of poses (yay!) she has a special deal in her shop that if you are a blogger and credit her poses in your blog you can get her blog pose set for free!

So I thought "well, I can show them off with my new outfit on my blog!"
Here are a few of the poses which show off everything beautiful that I got my hands on today!

I dressed myself all up for winter and tried to hunt for an atumnal/wintery sim yet ended up stumbling across alirum which is quite possibly one of the most photogenic sims I've ever been to and it is just GORGEOUS! so I decided that mid-autumn Saff just fell into wonderland! Oh for it to be like this all year round!

I also thought I'd take the opportunity to showcase some new eyes I was kindly given by Rosemarie Indigo, she's opened a new store on the same sim that Evie's Closet is on and her eyes are all wonderful and reasonably priced so they don't break the bank. Banana Banshee eyes are a must and so intricately made. I'm wearing Venus in Cotton Candy. (At Banana Banshee's other store at Golden Lotus there are cheapie eyes and a lucky board!)
Though non-bloggers have to pay full price for these poses LAP does have much more fantastic pose sets for really good prices. I own a LOAD of poses from LAP and they are just so perfect!
Poses @ Long Awkward Pose (normal price 400L)
Skin @ Heartsick (group gift)
Dress @ JEM (group gift - join and buy the bags on the front desk)
Socks @ Sn@tch (free I think)
Shoes @ In Her Shoes (all shoes are free)
Hair @ (past FLF)
Bag @ COCO (group gift - all on boards on location)


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Raiding Evie's Closet

One of the best in character dressmakers on the grid is by far Evangeline Miles of Evie's Closet. I have endless dresses from her shop and was extatic to find out she had a Midnight Mania in the discount section of her store. It has a low hit count so it's best slapped early! All I can do now is leave the pictures to do the talking, I really hope I did the dress justice, it's just beautiful!

Dress @ Evie's Closet (MM)
Hair @ Magika (125L)
Skin @ Tuli


PS Rosie Indigo has a new store on the same location as Evie's Closet so I'll be blogged her beautiful eyes soon!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dancing on the wings of an angel

Background: I wanted... no NEEDED a new dress! Unfortunately I wanted something fae, and something fae and appropriate is slightly hard to come by. I found this dress for free at Angelwings, a personal favourite of mine for silks that aren't appropriate

Thankfully I found out that this freebie has a "modesty layer" though I still doubt it's appropriate for Avilion *giggles*

I just love how the skirt layer flows and the shoulder decor hangs so perfectly.

The jewellery comes with the outfit also and can you see the beautiful flower decollage on the breast? gawwww-jussss!

Saff/B x

Dress @ Angelwings (0l)
Hair@ Exile (250l)
Skin @ Tyranny Designs (past freebie)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Wash!

The Wash - I first came across this sim a few years ago and I bought some gorgeously sexy leaf silks. I didn't realise that this was a biannual event so I was very happy to find it again!!
All items at The Wash are 10L, it's a massive sim so for the dresses I've directly linked the LM to the item for you :)

Dress @ Sn@tch (10l)

Dress @ Sleeping Koala (10l)

Dress @ Hell Bop (10l)
I love this dress and it does come with puff sleeves but unfortunately they weren't rezzing for me

The skin used in all shots is from Heartsick and I grabbed from the lucky board while trying and failing to find their twisted hunt item!

Make up (shown in image one) @ Huit (past freebie)
Hair @ Truth (Riley in Burgandy - 250l i think)

Saff/B x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Welly Boots!

Welly Boots, Wellingtons, Galoshes, whatever you call them they're perfect for this time of year. The end of summer is that kind of "mid-season" where it's till warm but the weather is perfectly crap. I found these lovely Wellys at Duh! as usual at a lovely cheap price and teamed it with my nice summer gear before it gets relegated to the back of my wardrobe!

Boots @ Duh! (40L)
Umbrella (colour change) @ Cartoon Kids (0L)
Dress @ Salire (group gift - join group and there are loads of great group gifts)
Hair @ LeLutka (past group gift)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (Lucky Board previously blogged)


Monday, 5 September 2011

"New Release"

There is quite possibly nothing I HATE more than flicking on to Freebie blogs and falling in love with a beautiful skin/hair/outfit and then scrolling down to find that underneath it is described as a new release.
New Releases are NOT freebies/dollarbies but advertisements and I swore when I started fashion blogging on Saffron's Place that I would never succumb to advertising a new release....

Until now! Though I have a fantastic excuse: 1. someone bought an item from my Marketplace Store (Bubica Designs - Poses) and 2. The new release is from Duh!

Duh! Sells the most beautiful shoes at ridiculously low prices, I rarely go anywhere else to get shoes!

Shoes @ Duh! (25L) - NOTE new location
Dress @ Sakide (free hunt gift - admire the blue crow is the hint)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (luckyboard)
Hair @ [e] (free)
Socks @ LaVierre (previous opening gift)

Saff/B x

Monday, 29 August 2011

The Shoes!

In life, it all starts with a pair of shoes...

And surprisingly I didn't even show the shoes that well

Hair @ D!va (group gift 15k group members)
Flowers @ The Dressing Room by [glow] (59L)
Shoes @ Maitreya (group gift)
Blouse @ *League* (past 50L Fridays, now 115L)
Skirt @ Awram-Vie (1L)
Skin @ Tuli

Saff/B x

Friday, 29 July 2011

JD on a lonely night

She started the night with a bottle of JD

And ended the night dancing for the people who didn't make her feel worthless

Hair @ Junwave (60L)
Bra @ Willow (free)
Corset @ The Plastik (free group/subscribo gift)
Socks @ A Piece of Candy (1L)
Bloomers @ Sn@tch (25L)
Boots @ R2 (past hunt gift)
Skin @ Tuli


Bored of...

Here's my little rant of the day:I'm bored, I'm bored of seeing "new releases" on blogs that usually have freebies and I'm bored of getting excited over a gorgeous dress/pair of shoes/hairstyle (delete as applicable)

I like to make sure that when I spend money in SL it's as little as possible and good quality

So I saw someone vaguely blogging some trousers released by The Plastik so decided I'd find these freebies and I was so surprised I hadn't seen any blog posts about the HUGE quantity of freebies that had been given away (or maybe I just hadn't been looking hard enough?!)

You may have seen that I blogged loads of outfits on The Cat re: The Plastik (if not hit the link and have a look)

But those were outfits rather than a winning grungy combination that I have mishmashed together

So here's the look I've created and I really hope, dear readers (if I even have any), that you hit the subscribo and join The Plastik's free group and get the two huge hauls from there (there are DIFFERENT items in each)

Skin - Ataciara Poem-Phoenix
Pants - Aeda Capri
Corset - Ambrice Corset
Top & Leg tattoo (barely seen) - Drown Anubis
 (All Above from The Plastik)
Shoes @ Duh! (25L)
Hair @ Epoque (expensive but worth it)

I took the pictures at The Snakepit which in all fairness is a pretty disgusting sex sim but The SL fails and fugs group like to hang there to hunt our Fugs and it is rather photogenic for grunge!


I have a cat up a tree, and no that's not a euphemism!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Another bit....

of a redhead in pink...

This is a beautiful dollarbie, described as fuschia, just a posh word for pink!

But it is very true, that for a redhead to wear pink it has to be a specific shade, I'm wearing Exile's shade of chilli which has to be my favourite

Hair @ Exile (250L)
Dress @ JustB (1L until the last day of July)
Shoes @ Oh La La (no longer available)
Skin @ Tuli
Makeup @ cheLLE


Saturday, 23 July 2011

Who says red heads....

can't wear pink?!

Oh wait, we of "Second Life Fails and Fugs" do! But, my friends, there is a right way and a wrong way of wearing pink when your hair is of the auburn variety.

This is the wrong way

And (fingers crossed) this is the right way!

Dress @ SMS (200L)
Hair @ Exile at The Dressing Room Blue (60L)
Skin @ Tuli - Gina
Makeup @ ee. (1L)
Socks @ Sn@tch (free I think)
Shoes @ DUH! (25L)


Friday, 24 June 2011

Doing lines

"I must not tease the fae, I must not tease the fae, I must not...."

So one of my favourite shops, The Sea Hole, has put out a hunt item in the form of this gorgeous little playsuit, I blogged it on The Cat today in summery fashion, heels, sunnies and at the beach, while in my heart of hearts I KNEW when I put it on it had strands of DNA and carbon chains all over it!
So I had to redeem myself and blog it how I feel it should be blogged, and that's at school!
Now I know things I'm wearing have been doing the blog rounds (which drives me slightly insane at times!) put I doubt anywhere put together in this way!

The Writing Desk was made by a very good friend who made it for a roleplay in Avilion and thankfully put it on the Marketplace!

I wanted a satchel á la the 1930's but they're not all too easy to find so I grabbed this cute rucksack which is fully mod so I did a bit of fitting to myself which is thankfully nice and easy!
And what's the betting Miss Rosemarie Indigo of Banana Banshee is going to murder me when she finds out I've bought the freckles she sells? (Mine went missing) and the eyes were from the lucky board so hopefully she can't kill me for that!

Playsuit @ The Sea Hole (free hunt gift)
Hair @ D!va (second anniversary gift, it's a lag fest as it's so popular so please go low prim!)
Boots @ Duh! (20L)
Skin (Bella) @ Tuli
Teeth @ Tuli (free)
Freckles @ Banana Banshee (10L)
Eyes @ Banana Banshee (Lucky Board, very short wait)
Glasses @ Deco (not sure if available)
Socks @ La Viere (free opening gift)
Backpack @ Lisa Jester (100L - half price though i don't know how long for)

Desk @ Cux's Creations (249L)
Paper @ Cux's Creations (49L) - pretty sure cux would do requests for specific texts, he does a set of traditional wedding vows on the marketplace too


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Off her guard in Avant Garde

The flowers didn't see her coming

and the wine CERTAINTLY didn't see her coming!

I've spent AGES trying to find the perfect location to take pictures for this outfit and then when I got them blogger decided it would be awkward and not let me upload the shots!
If you are a follower of The Cat you should know by now my favourite shop is The Dressing Room and it's counter part The Dressing Room Blue so when I saw this jacket with shoes at The Dressing Room I immediately thought of the gorgeous skirt I have hidden in my inventory that I can never seem to match with anything!
Jacket and Shoes by R.icielli @ The Dressing Room (70L)
Skirt @ Kyoot (100L)
Vest Top @ Kyoot (50L til the end of the week)
Hair @ Tiny Bird (Closed)
Skin (Bella in Raven) @ Tuli
Eyeliner @ cheLLe (free @ kozmetika)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Boho Summer

I apologise in advance for the rubbish first photo, a clearer view of this sumptuous skirt can be seen here but SL recently just hates me!Down to the goods though!
So I'm in a bit of a hippy mood, never lived in the 60's (70's or 80's for that matter) but my soul screams retro and vintage and to abate it's terror I spend what I can on gorgeous bits of vintage!
I Blogged on The Cat about the gorgeous skin Im wearing so I won't wax lyrical about it

Hair @ Exile (from The Dressing Room so I don't know if it's available)
Skin @ Mamboo Chic (Lucky Board)
Sandals @ BF (150L)

Outfit 1:
Top @ The Sea Hole (120L)
Skirt @ Zaara (225L)

Outfit 2:
Dress by MichaMi @ The Dressing Room (60L) (225L at the main store)