Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Week 8 ~ Dark Raspberry

I love the word raspberry, it's supposed to be pronounced razz-berry which makes me think of making fart noises by blowing on someone's tummy (aka Razzing) but I pronounce it Rasp-berry, like it's spelt and rasp makes me think of going pthhhhhpt! (:p)

Anywho, I was very glad that I waited to do my week 8 of the 52 weeks of colour challenge as all the new releases of coldLogic came out (yes I know I don't like doing new releases but as a challenge this counts PLUS I included freebies hehe) so I decided to use all the gorgeous purple shades as everyone has an opinion on which shade is Dark Raspberry and I am NEVER one to match the swatch hehe!

L-R Penitent Hunt, WomenStuff Hunt, HAH

Saff/B xx

All Clothes (MESH) @ coldLogic (varied prices all reasonable!)
Skins @ ::Modish:: (all hunt items!)
Hair by Exile @ TDR Blue (blogged earlier)
Shoes by R.icielli (previous dressing room item)
Seat @ !bang poses (hunt gift)
Fence by Glitterati

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Quentina said...

Oooo nice, I was looking at that top earlier on marketplace. I believe you just talked me into buying it. :)