Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Dandy Week (9)!

Let me just get your faces and rub it in it for a moment, I'm just reaching the end of a 5 day weekend! And let me just say: Thursday was GLORIOUS! For winter weather it hit 15-17 degrees celsius and I went out in some lovely summer wear!
So as week 9's colour for the 52 weeks of colour challenge was Dandelion I decided, stuff winter let's hurry to springs and summers!!

Saff/B xx

Dress & Skirt @ *G Field* (past gift)
Skin @ Style By Kira (past gift, lots of freebies!)
Hair @ lamb (free, tinted)
Lashes @ Dutch Touch (past gift)


Arya Braveheart said...

Love, love, love your outfit!

Lashae Karsin said...

I really love the hair... very cute look.

Sama Yalin said...

Lovely look! And it didn´t cost you a thing too. Good job :)