Wednesday, 8 February 2012

My lovely new skirt!

This morning was wonderful, usually when the owls flock through the roof of the great hall one never usually lands in front of Saffie, tearing open the parcel that had landed in front of her she found a great pile of pink silk with lots of oomph and fluff to give it shape, holding it up to see she saw a beautiful skirt and out fell a note

"Something to wear for the Valentine's Ball maybe?
~ Love, Mother"

Hurridly she finished her toast and gulped her tea and took full pelt up to the female dorms in Ravenclaw tower. Shimmying her dull school skirt down she hitched the beautiful mixture of pink silk and taffeta over her hips, it fit perfectly, mother was always good at sewing. Unfortuately there were no full mirrors in Ravenclaw tower and Saffie decided she couldn't risk an accio charm to summon one for fear of it breaking so instead she spun around, watching as the fabric billowed out around her.

Unfortunately spinning for too long can make one fairly dizzy so with a heavy head that still spun she replaced the beautiful skirt with her school skirt
and ran to the little witches room to have a look at the earrings she had found that morning at the bottom of her trunk, mother always packed little bits and bobs, she said it was to glam up her uniform but saffie really knew mother wanted her to make friends and maybe the glitz would attract her some attention.

Smiling faintly at her reflection she decided that yes the earrings, though mismatched, did look good and then realised she was late for divinations and ran!

Saff/B xx

MESH Skirt @ The Vinyl Cafe (1L daily dollarbie - 25L group join fee)
Earrings by Dark Mouse @ The Love Gatcha Event (25L a go, I won 2 sets of earrings)
Hair @ lamb
boots @ *G Field*

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