Sunday, 12 February 2012

A Morning of Folly - 52 WoCC Week 7

Sunday mornings were always a toughie she thought to herself as she lay in bed. Saturdays consisted of the interhouse quidditch match and usually much late night celebrations or grumblings depending on who won. For some unknown reason the breakfast still began at 6am when everyone had had a late night...
Ok, maybe not everyone, the ickle firsties were always in bed before 9.
So there she lay in bed contemplating getting up for breakfast... the 6th and 7th years wouldn't be up by now, their heads would be too heavy after all the butterbeers they'd snuck back from Hogmeade

ok, that decided it, she pulled her lethargic form out of bed and with a huge stretch she looked around blearily for something to wear..

She loosened her hair from it's bun and let the long waves tumble down over her red sweater and pulled on yesterdays overalls, tucking them inside the jumper. Shoes... shoes....

Incidentally Folly is one of the colours for my wedding, goes perfectly with bright green!

With a slight laugh she slipped on some ridiculously high pink shoes that she had brought with her for partys and such like before deciding that she would get docked a good few house points with these shoes on and made a mental note to send them back to mother with the next owl she received.

Hearing the clock chime 6 she pulled on some heavy boots, suitable for the cold weather and her cloak and ran full pelt down the staircase, nearly losing a foot in one of the steps that always disappeared every time she was on her way down stairs...

It took her a moment or two to realise that none of the hall or food was in focus and with a grumble accio'd her glasses to her... damn being sleepy!

Skin (pic 1 & 2) by Adore and Abhor @ Back2Black event
Long Jumper @ villena (Zombie Popcorn Hunt 0L)
Hair (pic 1 &2) @ tiny bird (closed)
Slippers @ Footworks (old freebie)

Skin (pic 3&4) @ Tuli
Hair (pics 3&4) @ Wasabi Pills
Jumper @ e! Eclectic Apparel (50L Valentines Gift!)
Jeans @ paper.doll (as yesterday)
Pink Shoes @ N-Core (womenstuff hunt 0L)
Cowboy Boots @ Duh! (40L I think)

Saff/B xx


Anichka Savira said...

Adorable, I love your sleepwear and your daily outfit. Great post.

Ayako Firecaster said...

You are so cute! I love the different looks.