Saturday, 11 February 2012

Dressy on a cold day...?

Pink wasn't usually her colour of choice... Ravenclaw blue was what she was proud of whereas pink was the colour of prissy, simpering girls from houses that cared. But this dress was well worth a squeal or two in a high pitched manner
Sculpty and Flexi Skirt Available - Sculpty shown
It was definately a contender for the hearty party... but why save a dress for an occasion? Accessorise it up with a bit of this and that and no one would even realise she'd worn it before when she turned up to the dance!
Don't you just LOVE those tights?!!
Slipping on a chunky knit sweater it was worthy of casual attire. In the common room she felt the queen of casual chic though on entering the grounds she realised chic did nothing to deter the biting cold of a Scottish winter!
Bloody Hell It's COLD!!!

So she decided to just save the dress for now and go around in her lazy overalls and jumper.... it's warmer!

Yeah... this is less chic more warm!

Saff/B xx


Hair 1 @ Elikatira
Hair 2 @ Exile (free)
Dress @ Sleeping Koala
Tights @ Sleeping Koala
Flats & Wellington Boots @ Duh!
Jumper@ Jane (old gift)
Onesie (underneath jumper) @ Jane (old gift)
"overalls" Jeans @ paper.doll (old sale item, either discontinuedor discounted now)
Book from Gatcha at the Alley Shoppes

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