Sunday, 8 January 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Week 2

Week 2 brings us coral, and in all honesty coral is one of my least favourite colours, it's up there with peach and brown. Originally I was going to use my favourite skin as it has a beautiful coral coloured lipstick to it, it's quaint, flawless and suptuous... then while trawling my inventory I found some nice blushers which added to the overall corally tone

I knew I owned one sweater which is coral in colour but saw someone else used it, call me sad but I wanted to do something that I hadn't seen someone else use (seeing after is fine but not before!)
I also debated using the lovely coral Hucci shoes I blogged a few days ago but thought that slightly cheeky

So what should I find when sorting my dresses into colour groups than this soft, summery coral dress (yes yes I know it's winter still!)

So I still used my fave skin and the blusher, read the credits for more details

Skin @ Mamboo Chic (past lucky board, new one there now)
Blusher Apple Cheek Blush @ a.e.meth (past freebie, now 50L)
Dress @ S@bbia (group gift, still available)
Hair by Exile @ The Dressing Room Blue (70L)

Saff/B xx


Anichka Savira said...

Pretty! I love the dress!

Lashae Karsin said...

Really cute dress!

Ygrey Auer said...

Cute fairy!

Eliza said...

Beautiful outfit and photos!

The Uncommon Muse said...

i love this look...very feminine and pretty

Kaelyn Alecto said...

Awww love it all! Pure cuteness! :)

Anonymous said...

You look great! And I agree it can be frustrating when someone else uses the same idea you had for an outfit.