Saturday, 28 January 2012

Having a lazy saturday

It's early on a Saturday and Saffie can't sleep. She loves saturdays for so many reasons, the main one being no classes and therefore no uniform! It would probably be a good idea to wrap up warm though, it's still a very cold winter and Hogwarts is up in Scotland and completely covered in snow!
The problem is, though, mother has still not sent on Saffie's gloves, she left them behind after the Christmas hols, she knew she'd forget something but didn't realise it would be something so important! Maybe she can get one of the Ravenclaw girls to knit her a pair....
Until then she'll have to wait for the snowball fight one of the boys suggested! And she definately can't have a snowball fight with her nails done so well!

Dress @ Humming (freebie, other dresses 30L)
Hair @ Exile (freebie - hate is colour change)
Tights @ Jane (25L)
Shoes @ Duh! (40L)
Nails @ R.icielli (20L - check discount section)

Saff/B xx

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