Tuesday, 24 January 2012

RL Cookery - Blue Cheese Pasta

I love cooking, love it, so what I aim to do now is try and put a few RL recipes up on here. So what follows is my Blue Cheese Pasta. It has a mild creamy flavour and less of the odour of blue cheese on it's own.

Serves 3 (decent portion) or 4 (small portion)
About 500 calories per person (for 3) or 375 (for 4)

You Need:
1 onion
150g Pasta - any type is good
150g blue cheese or more if you love blue cheese
300g Greek yoghurt - FULL fat (low fat separates)

1. Start cooking pasta, at half way point between your preferred state (well done or el dente) start the following steps
2.Chop onion and fry in oil of choice 'til browned
3. Chop blue cheese into decent size cubes and add to frying pan - the cheese should melt quite well, you can melt it fully or you can leave some cubes that haven't fully melted. Take care to STIR LOTS otherwise it will stick to the pan
4. Add the greek yoghurt and keep stirring, try not to let the yoghurt separate 2 minutes should be good
5. Drain pasta and add sauce to pasta - serve and eat with a some nice ciabatta!

Bon appetit!

B/Saff xx

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