Sunday, 22 January 2012

A bit o' 52 weeks and a bit o' H: YS

I've joined a new roleplay sim called Hogwarts: Your Story, it's based on the Harry Potter novels but 21 years on from the books. The sim is absolutely gorgeous and this is a quick picture of Ravenclaw tower with Saff being a member of Ravenclaw house. The sim is members only at the moment but The Alley Shoppes can be accessed by everyone for uniforms and the like!
[find uniform credits at the bottom]

So it's come to week 4 of the 52 weeks of colour challenge and this week's colour is iron, now Luna's iron is quite pale whereas I see iron being a dark silvery-grey
So my iron contribution is this tee-shirt dress and ma silvery school shoes!
Also, below, is one of my new weekend dresses as during the week and in classes at Hogwarts full uniform is required but I thought I'd go shopping for some tasteful dresses and some nice warm socks!
So Many Styles is having a sale so I thought I'd get some pretty outfits from there. I particularly adore the beautiful emerald dress, the ruffles and high neck make it less "sexed up" than most of the clothes on SL and hopefully make me look more like a 14 y/o!

Picture 1:
Hair @ e. (220L)
Jumper and shirt @ hanamachi - part of a full outfit set, skirt is included and all houses are available (175L)
School Skirt @ Accio! Etcetera (100L)
Cloak @ Accio! Etcetera (100L)
Tights @ Jane (25L)
Wand @ *BOOM* (25L from gatcha)
Shoes @ Duh! (25L)
Glasses @ Aris Aris (90L for three pairs)

Picture 2:
Hair by Exile @ The Dressing Room Blue (60L - 4 colours)
Tee- Dress @ So Many Styles  (90L - in half price sale)
Tights, Cloak, Glasses, Wand and Shoes as above

Picture 3:
Dress @ So Many Styles (100L - in half price sale)
Socks @ So Many Styles (70L)
Hair, Glasses, Cloak, Wand and Shoes as Above

Skin @ Tuli in all

Saff/B xx


The Uncommon Muse said... look adorable! I love them all!

Lashae Karsin said...

I thought of iron as a darker color as well. Great job!

Laura18 Streeter said...

aw cool! I love the dress in the second piccy :)

Anichka Savira said...

Adorable, I love the last one with iron as the accent.

Eliza said...

I like all your iron, great job! We all had iron color discrimination this week, don't worry!

Anonymous said...

If I went to Hogwarts I'd be in Ravenclaw too. ;-) Cute outfits!