Tuesday, 17 January 2012

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Week 3

This is belated by a few days, 1. because it was a tricky colour to pin and 2. I've had exams and essays etc. etc. also family over at the weekend, many many excuses!

So I found one outfit, then found something else in my inventory and so decided to combine it all and hope it was Electric Indigo! I could have used one of my fae dresses but I'm trying to be more human now and again!

Coat @ The Vinyl Cafe (1L now group only, but worth it for a daily dollarbie, will be 50L from tomorrow)
Dress @ Cracked Mirror - MESH (usually 300L this dress 100L and is soooooo gorgeous!!)
Tights @ Jane (I think 60L now...?)
Top @ fri.day (past gift)
Hair @ Fashionably Dead - Jennyfly
Glasses @ ArisAris (90L for three pairs)
Skin @ Tuli

Saff/B xx

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