Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sneak Peaks and Freebies!!

Do you remember coldLogic? Well they're opening tomorrow, yes tomorrow! February 1st!!

They have loads of MESH goodies for sale and you only have to wait a few more hours before you can run over and grab them!

ALL LMs will be given IN the post so read through!

First I have the beautiful tilly top! A little argyle patterned turtleneck, cropped sleeves and two tones, the top is available in different colours but pink was my favourite!!
And a little further down is field trousers, also available in different colours but what doesn't black go with?!

Here we have josilin's jump suit! (again many colours) some reason I'm having a black day, the belt comes in three tones, gold, silver or both!

Oh and look, a close up! My glasses are the usual but the earrings are free from purple moon, they're a lucky gift you can win them every 10 minutes just by being there!! So go see how your luck holds!
Also the cute little silver necklace (I love silver!) is a new freebie from dirty little secret
- Also Dirty Little Secret has an upcoming hunt so sit tight and I'll get the details and items to you asap!!

Oh my gosh, I DIED when I put this dress (called witte) on!! Again many colours available but I felt the two tones of blue perfectly complimented my earrings.
I adore the floating detail over the top of the dress, it's so elegant and feminine, I don't think I will ever take this dress off, I feel like I just stepped off the catwalk!!

Last, but by no means least, is this tasty low cut number called hendricks, and oh... what's that hanging from my neck?! It's ANOTHER freebie!!! This one is designed by [glow] and is available from The Dressing Room's facebook group. All you have to do is like it and write your avatar's name on the wall. Now I know how people feel about divulging their RL selves to SL so my advice (if you choose to do it) is join, do your name and AS SOON AS you receive the necklace remove your comment.

Hopefully this reduces the risk and protects your identity as best as you can.
You get two necklaces and they are both divine, one browns and one pinks and blues

Hair @ lamb
Shoes @ Deco (past flf)
saff/B xx

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