Friday, 30 March 2012

On Location, Store Project #3 visits Week 13

I sat down to blog last Sunday, wondering what colour of Tea Green I could pick out of my inventory, at that moment my fiance ran in the house asking for the number for the local police. It turns out whilst he'd been walking the dog he was chatting on the phone to his mum and some boys cycled past, grabbed his phone (and eye) and stole his phone. Understandably we were all quite shaken up by this and add this along side my dissertation, 4 other essays and depression and our heads just spiralled.
So this is late...

I put this 52 WoCC along side another On Location, this week I visted Lindsay Pinelli's store "Little House of Curios" after she mentioned having a waterfall on Plurk! Little House of Curios sells little bits and bobs of cute, low prim, superbly made furniture!
I loved the decor outside, the flowers surrounding the trees are so simple and quaint, they worked really well with my early spring/summer look that I put together!

I really should've got a picture of the waterfall but here's a close up of Saff about to take a dive!

She's wearing:
Shirt @ coldLogic
skin by *YS & YS* @ The Dressing Room
swim suit @ *G Field* (past gift)
glasses @ Deco (past gift)
Hair @ Dura (gift)
Shoes @ Hucci (past gift)

Saff/B xx

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