Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Together in Paris... Hipster Anastasia

I do love this picture that Xaqueline posted

and I have seen it before but a flickr/blogger challenge was set up called Which Princess! I chose Anastasia (who is NOT, i repeat NOT, a Disney princess but I digress) as she's a red head, spunky and willing to go to the ends of the earth (or Paris, whichever way you see it) to get what she wants!

So here's mine and follow the link to see other's interpretations of our classic and modern hipster princesses!

Saff/B xx

PS and I just realised my tights came off!! :(

(mesh) Dress @ coldLogic
(mesh) Jacket @ coldLogic
(mesh) boots by *G Field* @ Fashion For Life (200L for relay for life)
Hair @ Exile (free colour tester)
Necklace @ yoyo9 (1L)
Skin @ Tuli
Eyes Venus in Eden @ Banana Banshee

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