Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Eventually Aquamarine

I've moved... again... 6th move in three years due to placements, but I digress!

Week 11 is aquamarine, due to moving I'm (obviously) not posting on the Sunday, and as I'm not a pale blue person, it seems, I've chosen a pair of Banana Banshee eyes, Banana Banshee is my staple and I seem to have them in every colour, usually pink or green it's odd seeing my av with blue eyes but it seems to go so well!

Oh and the outfit! The jewellery is a gift from the Purple Moon subscribo for having 12,000 group members, it is a very heavy piece of jewellery but it's so out there I have decided I love it!!

My dress is mesh and from Tres Beau, a free group gift for February and March, very curvy, it comes with belt and cowel but I'm happy to wear a wool maxi!
For some reason I find the beach in winter so beautiful, it's abstract and not normal hence why I find it strangely alluring! I took my picture here and it was lovely to explore

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Exile (free)
Skin @ Rockberry (free)


Nicandra Laval said...

good reminder.. to get the jewels.. forgot to go and get.. hope you can stay now for long time in your home..bye bye Nicandra

Ayako Firecaster said...

Very pretty! Your eyes really pop with color especially against that background!

Kaelyn said...

Beautiful eyes and very nice look overall! :) Moving around is never fun! Hope you're all settled in as soon as possible! *hugs*