Sunday, 4 March 2012

Week 10 ~ The Forbidden Forest

(Quick OOC - week 10's colour is avocado)

She couldn't remember why she was doing this... was it a dare, was she cursed, or did she just feel a bit daring? Regardless of why she did it she felt brave... maybe the warmth flooding through her was bravery and not the potion she thought someone had slipped into her drink.

Peering above her, the gates towered high, blocking the entrance.. unlocked and so she pushed gently, the gates swung noiselessly to gape forbodingly in front of her.

Scuttling past the gates, her feet left telling tracks... no one came here so hopefully snowfall would cover them, she thought.
The sign stood, plain and stark, the word forbidden seemed darker and more terrifying yet she pushed on

and once you break the rules, there's no looking back... well maybe one last look..

Hair @ Magika (125L)
Top and Jacket (Mesh) @ coldLogic
Capris @ The Sea Hole (currently a 50L sale)
socks @ a piece of candy (1L)
Boots @ Duh! (40L)
Skin by *YS & YS* @ TDR (70L)

Saff/B xx


The Uncommon Muse said...

ooo...I really love the combo of the blue and the green together!

Saffie said...

hehe I decided I needed to symbolise my school house with the blue!