Thursday, 5 April 2012

Catching up with a look of the day

Sighing sadly at the fact she never got her article in in time ((due to RL circumstance)) she eyed the front page "news"

/me sighs cos she didn't get her article in in time

"But what have we here?!" she thinks "An article called what to wear" she wondered if she needed to read it, always shy of the fashions and not knowing if the boys were nice for niceness sake or nice because she looked glam!
But what have we here....? "What to wear" that looks good!


Jumper @ coldLogic (old hunt gift)
Vest (underneath) @ (freebie)
Skirt (see Saff/B)
Boots @ Duh! (new subscribo giftie!)
Hair @ Exile (new, so damn gorgeous!!!!)
Skin @ *YS&YS*
earrings @ Purple Moon (old hunt gift)

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