Monday, 16 April 2012

It's intriguingly difficult not to.....


LiquidH3ll so kindly offered on plurk 8 1000L gift cards for Intrigue Co. and being all grabby (insert child making grabby motions here) I politely asked for one!
I ran to Intrigue Co. and was greeted by a miriad of colours and such awesomly bizarre stuff! I found it so hard not to buy all the things!


Following that I ran full pelt to The Dressing Room Blue as I'd been saying (repeatedly) that I had to buy Eclectic Wingtip's contribution and well.... I ended up buying more and more....
And maybe a bit too much!

I think I bought a little too much! oops!
But aren't all the meshy goods so amazing? you move, it moves, no ugly prims sticking out of your joints! Which means I can pull all these poses on my Hobbes (MY HOBBES! NOT YOURS!)
Nyah nyah I have a Hobbesy!

Ok, after all that I'm so sleepy now so I shall curl up in a ball for smeeps... what you want a full length pic before I go buh byes? Sigh!
Me Smeepy Now

full length of my lovely buys!

I bought so much more at Intrigue Co.....! So more posts to come

For now back to sleep... that or essays... (insert very very sad face)

Saff/B xx


Earrings @ Intrigue Co. (100L for each fat pack)
Hair (pic 1&2) by vive9 @ Collabor88 (188L)
Hair (pic 3,4&5) by Exile @ TDR Blue (70L - tinted by me)
Skin by [Atomic] @ TDR Blue (70L)
Trousers by Eclectic Apparel @ TDR Blue (70L)
Top by Baiastice @ TDR Blue (70L)
Shoes @ Donna Flora (1L)
Hobbes @ Reek (175L)


Quentina said...

Is that Hobbes behind you? Why didn't you show his head? LOL I want him!

Saffie said...

ahh yes it is Hobbes!! I couldn't quite fit him in but I love him so much!!