Sunday, 8 April 2012

Combining Royal Purple and Seashell Peach

Belated again work and dissertation, excuse, excuse.

Happy Easter! Personally this is my favourite holiday of the year, at Christmas God sent us the best present ever but Easter is the day that his wishes came true.
God sent his only son to die for every one of you, for everything wrong you've thought, done or said. I have no words, but a bursting heart, to say how grateful I am.

Saff/B xx


Top @ elate! (past giftie)
Jacket @ Jane
Capris by *elymode* @ wear gray for a day (190L in support of brain tumour research)
Skin @ Mother Goose's (lucky board)
hair @ Exile (new release)
boots @ *G Field* (200L - exclusive for RFL)
earrings @ Purple Moon (past hunt item)
clutch by 22769 @ The Black Market


Nicandra Laval said...

love what you wrote about Easter :)
nice pictures as well

The Uncommon Muse said...

lovely pictures and words Saffie