Thursday, 12 April 2012

On Location, Store Project #4

My lovely friend Ayla (of Ayla and Dolly) told me how to get shadows!!! This gave me a perfect excuse to play with photo taking!
I did another On Location, Store Project shot too, I chose MONS to take my pictures at, the garden just outside MONS hair was perfect to play with my hippy look, the dark brick facade gave the softness of the garden a cool effect, not unlinke hippies in teh 60's sticking it to the man (who ever this man happens to be..)
Anywho, I'll leave you to the pictures!

depth play

shadow play

GNU Image Manipulation Programme Play!

Saff/B xx


Hair & hat @ MONS (group gift)
Dress by 22769 @ Fashionably Late

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Quentina said...

Beautiful photos! Shadows lag me so badly but they do look awesome. We found another store location last night that the outside is really nice if you'd like to take a look. Virtual Props & Poses. A nice little coastal Euro town feel to it, but bring an umbrella!