Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Todays quirk

is taking on the 1930's post The Great War vibe
I don't know how accurate I am really seeing as if it weren't for the lovely lacey bra under that shirt Saffie would have her boobs out but we did the best we could.

What I love to do is find one gorgeous new piece of clothing and instead of making a nightmare mishmash by adding bog-standard modern jeans that hang from one's arse and some thigh high tacky black boots I have a fantastically pedantic moment and I have to find something new to go with it... this sort of explains why my inventory count has gone up and my balance has gone down... but hey ho, we look good in the process!
Come to think of it I do that often in real life too, my poor boyfriend when I move in will have a struggle finding a place to fit my extensive shoe and underwear collection! But that's beside the point!
The shirt I'm wearing was the buy that spiralled this whole 30's look

Shirt 10L @ Pixeldolls
Skirt 50L @ Kyoot
Shoes 25L @ DUH!
Bra no longer available BUT plenty of 50L underwear sets and 99L corsets @ Love Lace
Tights no longer available @ So Many Styles {SMS}
Skin luckyboard @ Mamboo Chic
Hair @ Tiny Bird - no longer open :(

Saff/B x

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