Monday, 13 June 2011

Make Up

Ok, so I shall be honest with you, in RL I am the queen and mistress of applying my own make up, so much so that I can do it at 5.30am before I begin an early shift at the hospital... so maybe I'm not up to the standards of one Auxiliary Nurse I met who had mastered bright pink, glittery lipstick and false eyelashes but I digress.

I departed the world of SL just before viewer 2 came into being and upon my return I was baffled by the "make up layer" that some fashion blogs were cooing over and I decided it just wasn't for me, I was an old school lover of skins and that was that.

Until now! For those like me who are bewildered by SL blusher, mystified by SL mascara and stupefied by SL shadow of the eye variety then keep on reading. If, though, you are "down with da kids," as our dear Mr. David Cameron would say, on the how2 of SL make up then maybe you could read on to appreciate the deal I've found?

Obviously the names of each make up are under each picture and I thought I'd include an au naturel Saffie as a comparison. Click on the picture to get a close up view of all the make ups or have a gander at my flickr photostream

And do you want to know the best part? All these make ups are ONLY 1L on the Marketplace from ee.!

The original skin I used was Sayuri @ Tuli
Hair @ Lamb
Dress @ 20.FIVE - 25L, actually.. ALL their stuff is 25L and very cute too!


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