Friday, 3 June 2011

Todays not-so-much procrastination

Now as I blogged on The Cat Exile have some lovely free hairs and I did say I would blog saff's daily outfit later after my final exam but celebratory drinky-poos got in the way of that so here I am, a day late but still lovely!
I'm wearing Exile's Eva in this picture because I just love it with my new outfit

Now again, I had a little moment and needed to complete my outfit and so I hunted for socks, but thanks to the lovely Etoile (I adore her blog!) I saw she was wearing some lovely russet socks which were only 1L so I decided to take a peek and found some lovely blue socks to match my dress and I picked up a white pair too, you know... just in case!

Finally a full picture so you can see the whole outfit without Saffie sneakily looking away!
Hair @ Exile - free
Skin @ Mons - was from The Dressing Room
Shoes @ DUH! - 25L to support relay for life
Socks @ A Piece of Candy - 1L
Dress @ Sweeter Than Candy - was a 60L weekend special, new dress there now. This dress is now 150L
Have a lovely day!!

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