Friday, 24 June 2011

Doing lines

"I must not tease the fae, I must not tease the fae, I must not...."

So one of my favourite shops, The Sea Hole, has put out a hunt item in the form of this gorgeous little playsuit, I blogged it on The Cat today in summery fashion, heels, sunnies and at the beach, while in my heart of hearts I KNEW when I put it on it had strands of DNA and carbon chains all over it!
So I had to redeem myself and blog it how I feel it should be blogged, and that's at school!
Now I know things I'm wearing have been doing the blog rounds (which drives me slightly insane at times!) put I doubt anywhere put together in this way!

The Writing Desk was made by a very good friend who made it for a roleplay in Avilion and thankfully put it on the Marketplace!

I wanted a satchel á la the 1930's but they're not all too easy to find so I grabbed this cute rucksack which is fully mod so I did a bit of fitting to myself which is thankfully nice and easy!
And what's the betting Miss Rosemarie Indigo of Banana Banshee is going to murder me when she finds out I've bought the freckles she sells? (Mine went missing) and the eyes were from the lucky board so hopefully she can't kill me for that!

Playsuit @ The Sea Hole (free hunt gift)
Hair @ D!va (second anniversary gift, it's a lag fest as it's so popular so please go low prim!)
Boots @ Duh! (20L)
Skin (Bella) @ Tuli
Teeth @ Tuli (free)
Freckles @ Banana Banshee (10L)
Eyes @ Banana Banshee (Lucky Board, very short wait)
Glasses @ Deco (not sure if available)
Socks @ La Viere (free opening gift)
Backpack @ Lisa Jester (100L - half price though i don't know how long for)

Desk @ Cux's Creations (249L)
Paper @ Cux's Creations (49L) - pretty sure cux would do requests for specific texts, he does a set of traditional wedding vows on the marketplace too


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