Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Moving House

In Second Life I've had a good few homes and moving house was easy, search the item name, drag it out your inventory and move it around until voila c'est parfait!
Now in Real Life I've moved multiple times either due to my mum's job or from University Halls to home in holidays and back again and then from home to my student home.
What I'm doing now is slightly more difficult, I've moved from my student home into my boyfriend's home. In theory it's perfect, I pay less rent (so I can take my bike test and get myself a "vroom vroom bike"), I see the love of my life every day, I have somewhere to live for my final semester, yes all in all it IS perfect, I feel that my boyfriend and I are getting along better because we don't have the stress of finding a whole new place and I get to cuddle him whenever I want (unless he's at work or training for his next triathlon/marathon/whatever)
Yep, it's perfect... apart from unpacking!!
A new house is easy to unpack into, you know what is going where and so forth, but moving into a home that is already inhabited is a bitch! I have to figure where my copious shoe collection will fit, where my clothes will sneak in and I need a whole drawer (and I mean a whole drawer) all to myself JUST for underwear!
Thankfully my neuroses have been abated now my Disney DVD collection is stored in chronological order (from release date) and all my clothes are unpacked, but it's now I realise just how many books I own!
When everything is unpacked I'll blog something extra special, I promise!
Until then, take care!


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