Monday, 18 June 2012

An Unmellow Yellow Store Project, #5

"I'm just mad about Saffron and she's just mad about me"

This week's 52 WoCC was MADE for me! So to honour the lovely Luna Jubilee I decided to nosey around bang! poses' new store build which is awesome!

I dressed down to keep with the rustic feel of the location which is rural and so green, it's perfect to take photos around. Luna has really outdone herself.

I just adored the weasels that happily roam around the land as well, I love weasels, stoats and ferrets so having a sit down to watch really appealed to me.
Luna is incredibly talented it her pose making which I've blogged here and I'm looking forward to the changing faces of bang! and I'm only diappointed that I didn't blog her last build!

Saff/B xx


Skirt @ Jane (the skirt is part of the pre-SS Mesh sale that is going on, be sure to buy a demo as they are NOT standard sizing)
Top @ (old freebie)
Hair @ Exile


Laura Streeter said...

aw Saffie, love your skirt! I'll have to go see Luna's new place, seems so cute!

Laura Streeter said...
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