Sunday, 3 June 2012

ReDecorating for Week 23

I've had to redecorate post-party because for enough prims I had to remove half the innards of my house!
Now week 23 is Pistachio and I'm betting EVERYONE has chosen this gorgeous coldLogic romper suit so I'm not going to wax lyrical about their fab creations but I'm gonna natter about my housing!

I buy most of my decorations and seats from LISP, in world and at their marketplace they have 10L sale items all the time and that what I adore, the poses are dated, obviously due to the fact they're retired items but they are beautful and very low prim which I love!

I love the little accessories some come with, such as this guitar the actions for it are ace. And yes, I know, deckchairs belong outside but I like to be a bit quirky with my decor!

I changed romper suits for my new outdoor furniture, the sun cream is another cute accessory that the furniture comes with!
This romper suit is a subscribo gift from Hucci, as it's free there's no worries but if you do plan on buying items from Hucci do try their demos first if they have them as they don't go by standard sizing.

Saff/B x