Friday, 15 June 2012

A new day

There is nothing I love more than good customer service, so when I ran top speed to the new round of The Dressing Room my heels skidded at R.icielli's shorts. I bought them hurried home and threw them on.

Unfortunately the creator had included a playsuit and an alpha that covered most of the arms. I'm not complaining about the creator because I then politely sent a notecard explaining it and within minutes I got a response of the actual shorts for sale and a response thanking me. I was just happy to catch the creator before many more bought the item and then Ricielli would have many more customers to contact!!

The shorts are absolutely gorgeous and if you buy them you'll agree as the layering is exquisitely flattering.

Another huge compliment going out to [glow] as they've produced not one but two items for The Dressing Room.
The bracelet is one and the earrings (shown below) are another. I *HAD* to buy the bracelet as it matches perfectly with a past item they released which I blogged here

The sandals are [CheerNo] for TDR, they contain a resize script which could easily make them unisex, the HUD for the skin colour change has a few presets which thankfully were perfect for me though I'm not sure how easy they would be for everyone.

Saff/B xx

Other Items:

Hair @ Exile
Top @ Cupcakes (past freebie)

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