Friday, 1 June 2012

I blog therefore I am

I am loving the pose that aDORKable has set out for free, aimed at bloggers well.... the pictures say it all!

New! Gorgeous bangles from 22769 for The Silk Road Hunt; another gorgeous release from my two favourite guys on SL, the jewellery is well textures and hangs well on the wrist. And a dress from la petite morte for 50L, it's one of a collection of colours all 50L each and I love the ruched effect! thankfully my boobs are small so fit the XS quite well and I love the length!

Tinting feet... nailed it! my feet are from Gaeline Creations for 380L. They are gorgeous, you can change the skin tone, nails, nail design and tattoos, only problem is you can't enter the RGB values to the HUD but it is relatively easy to use as it has lots of presets that you can choose from and then alter the + or - of the red green and blue values. Fiddly but very good and well made feet!

Addicted to hair! New hair from elikatira (return) for 250L. Gorgeous and mesh it has a HUD to change the hair.

Saff/B xx

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