Saturday, 18 August 2012

Catching up - Part 1

I am
so sorry

To everyone, my followers, the people I blog for, everyone!

I have been so busy with my dissertation needing rewriting, my final placement and an interview that I've not had the time or the heart to blog!

I'm going to catch up on all my 52 weeks that I've missed, not in the right order, and I'll try and make sure all items I needed to blog are blogged!
rust (week 26) and persian rose (week 29)
However I do apologise if these items are no longer available!

Astronaut Blue (week 28)

But when I'm all up to date I'll make sure all the thinsg I blog are!

Cadmium Red (week 27)

Thank you, to all my loyal followers and friends for waiting!

Saff/B xx

All dresses by coldLogic @ Vintage Fair
Skins by Glam Affair @ (past) TDR
Furniture @ Zinnias

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