Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Look Of The Day

I know that usually I prefer to blog freebies or cheapies but today I thought I'd share my Look Of The Day. After a nice, long discussion with the "Second Life Fails and Fugs" crew on the merits of proper neko tails I decided to dress up as my neko fae and see if it's Fug or not!

So Saff has gone strawberry blonde instead of full blown ginger with cute white, pierced kitty ears and a nice swishy white tail. I made sure to remove my fae cum-elf ears to avoid THAT fug of having 4 ears!

Also, the pig is called Praze, she used to have a nice warm bed at my old house but now unfortunately she only comes out when I have to carry her and she IS getting fat!

Hair & Ears @ Cri Cri
Dress & Head band @ Lo*momo (past hunt gift)
Skin @ InSanity (can't locate the store)
Tail @ How Vexing (184L) comes in two types, sleek and persian with editable size and "swish"
Pig @ D-Lab (200L)


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