Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Long Awkward Pose in Wonderland

I had a lovely surprise when I logged onto SL this afternoon. Dove Love of Long Awkward Pose had sent me her blogger pack of poses (yay!) she has a special deal in her shop that if you are a blogger and credit her poses in your blog you can get her blog pose set for free!

So I thought "well, I can show them off with my new outfit on my blog!"
Here are a few of the poses which show off everything beautiful that I got my hands on today!

I dressed myself all up for winter and tried to hunt for an atumnal/wintery sim yet ended up stumbling across alirum which is quite possibly one of the most photogenic sims I've ever been to and it is just GORGEOUS! so I decided that mid-autumn Saff just fell into wonderland! Oh for it to be like this all year round!

I also thought I'd take the opportunity to showcase some new eyes I was kindly given by Rosemarie Indigo, she's opened a new store on the same sim that Evie's Closet is on and her eyes are all wonderful and reasonably priced so they don't break the bank. Banana Banshee eyes are a must and so intricately made. I'm wearing Venus in Cotton Candy. (At Banana Banshee's other store at Golden Lotus there are cheapie eyes and a lucky board!)
Though non-bloggers have to pay full price for these poses LAP does have much more fantastic pose sets for really good prices. I own a LOAD of poses from LAP and they are just so perfect!
Poses @ Long Awkward Pose (normal price 400L)
Skin @ Heartsick (group gift)
Dress @ JEM (group gift - join and buy the bags on the front desk)
Socks @ Sn@tch (free I think)
Shoes @ In Her Shoes (all shoes are free)
Hair @ (past FLF)
Bag @ COCO (group gift - all on boards on location)


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