Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Dancing on the wings of an angel

Background: I wanted... no NEEDED a new dress! Unfortunately I wanted something fae, and something fae and appropriate is slightly hard to come by. I found this dress for free at Angelwings, a personal favourite of mine for silks that aren't appropriate

Thankfully I found out that this freebie has a "modesty layer" though I still doubt it's appropriate for Avilion *giggles*

I just love how the skirt layer flows and the shoulder decor hangs so perfectly.

The jewellery comes with the outfit also and can you see the beautiful flower decollage on the breast? gawwww-jussss!

Saff/B x

Dress @ Angelwings (0l)
Hair@ Exile (250l)
Skin @ Tyranny Designs (past freebie)

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