Monday, 22 July 2013

Disneybound - Aurora

Two posts in one day, I know!!
Natalee said we could bound as the pink or blue Aurora so I went for both!!

Incidentally this was a nightmare to manipulate!
I wanted to emulate the explosion of colour that Flora and Merryweather created but I suppose I'll have to teach myself how to do it over time!

I also never change my hair colour for a Disneybound but this FLF item by olive was soooo perfect as it came in both colours!

I obviously originally wanted to post this on Friday when you could go and buy the hair but I was struggling with my Alice post and wanted them in order, bad Saffie!!

Saff/B xx


Dress @ coldLogic - daines in lagoon/rosepetal
Hair @ Olive - the sa-fari-sha in diped blue/dully pony (Limited Edition for FLF)
Eyeshadow @ Mons - eyeshadow festival in purple and blue/lime and pink
Lipstic @ Adore & Abhor - Silent Star Shine in Sapphire/Rose Quartz

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