Monday, 22 July 2013

Disneybound - Alice

I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then
- Alice, Alice in Wonderland

A philosophical start to the post. My best friend was married on July 12th and I wrote that quote inside their wedding card alongside a biblical quote on forgiveness.
You can't go back to yesterday but you can learn from the person you have become..

This post was sat for ages, logged in in blue and white and finding the perfect place took ages
I love the poses I eventually used, I got them at the free*style sim and they were deliciously cheap and worked perfectly

Taken at RMK Gothic

Saff/B xx


Poses by Icons of Style @ Free*Style - Laura Poses (25L i think)
Hairband @ [POSH] - Rainbow Bright Bow in Black Licorice (20L)
Hair @ Wasabi Pills - Momo in gingerbread
Shirt @ coldLogic - keleti in blue
Skirt @ e! - Tegan Skirt in snow (Summer Sale)
Shoes @ Ingenue - Alair in noir
Eyes @ Ikon - Destiny in Maya

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