Sunday, 14 July 2013

Almost Free

I've found some brilliant freebies and dollarbies that I just *have* to bloig before I expire by spontaneous combustion in the sweat fest that is my attic cum office!

These dresses are by !gO! At first I was put off by the fact the brand logo was on all the clothes but it's very realist to brand your clothing, something you don't see very often in SL!

I accessorised with some fab free jewelry from [DLL], all the accessories are free group gifts with no join fee!

I love the oranges and autumnal tones of these dresses which are also perfect for this sweltering summer!

Credits and a quick NB below the cut

I have a few small criticisms of the dresses I'm showing, they're nothing to stop you buying them and for 1L I can look over the faults!
1. The rigging of the dresses is good for static animations but whilst walking the dresses do cut into my shoulder blades.
2. The sizes are standard sizing however I have to size down some of the items so my nipples aren't on show
3. The first dress (also shown below) is not very good for night time wear as for some reason it glows!

But, as I said, for 1L you can't complain!!

Saff/B xx

Taken at: It all starts with a smile


Dress in picture 1 and 2 @ !gO! - Marta Dress (1L)
Dress in Picture 3 @ !gO! - country girl (1L)
Necklace @ [DLL] - Group Gift July in Silver (free)
Bracelets @ [DLL] - Manic Monday (free)
Ring @ [DLL] - from me to you in black (free)
Boots @ (fashionably dead) - bossy boots in shiny yellow (previous arcade item)
Eyeshadow @ elymode - colormix June 2013 (previous cosmetic fair item)
Liptint @ (Ag) - bitten lipstain in sugar plum yum
Hair @ Wasabi Pills - Joy in gingerbread

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