Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dancing with butterflies

Butterflies, to my mum, are the symbolism of new life. She loves to use them as a metaphor which attracted me to this dress, it's stunning with the fascinator and different sizes of butterflies to attatch

Valentina E Couture made this dress for the dressing room blue (70L I think) It's gorgeous but I highly reccommend you get the demo before hand, in dresses I'm usually a S and in this I'm wearing XXS, vanity sizing! (joke) but you can see it is hanging off my back.

Apart from my problem with the sizing this dress is visually stunning and the shades of green are lovely and subtle throughout without being so heavy that it clashes with my colouring.

Saff/B xx

Hair @ Exile (past TDR item)
Necklace @ [glow] (past TDR item)

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