Wednesday, 5 June 2013


That's what they called her.

In Venice, the beautiful city, the sinking city.
How would she have known that a masquerade would be formal? Black and white yes, but formal?
Straightening her tuxedo jacket she tottered away in the hope of a gondola spotting her.... yet this late in the afternoon in the backwater alleys she had to keep walking.

With a sigh she carried on, her head held high, and walked towards the Campanile de San Marco and prayed she remembered the winding route to her hotel.
She was sure it was around here somewhere...

This lovely tuxedo jacket (and dress) is a free group gift, I love the design of it and it teamed perfectly with the necklace I wanted to blog (also a cheapie).
A few points to make about the dress, however, be aware it only comes in three sizes, considering it's free there's no need to demo but it's disappointing if you really like it and it won't fit your shape.
Another point, the rigging is good however in certain poses my arms do poke through the sleeves and the padded shoulders aren't complimentary for the more energetic poses.

Saff/B xx


Dress @ *COCO* - tuxedo jacket with sequin dress (free group gift)
Necklace by [glow] @ TDR Fusion - Wild shoulder drape in brown (70L)
Hair @ Magika - Little
Shoes @ Deco - Mesh sequinned heel in silver
Eyeshadow @ Huit - Parrot
Eyeliner @ Tuty - Blooming2

Location @ Venexia

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