Tuesday, 18 June 2013


She gracefully descended to the ball room, the gentle lighting highlighted her beautiful jewels the draped elegantly around her collar bone.
Batting her smoky lashes she scanned through the myriad of dancers looking for the tall, gainly gentleman whose hand met hers the evening before. His smile had made her heart flutter inside her chest like it hadn't done in many years.

Unable to notice him amongst the revelers she lightly stepped away from the ornate, gilt staircase and smoothed down her expensive satin dress, ready to wait.
The eyes of many rich and handsome men met hers, offered their hands to take a turn on the floor with her but politely declining she waited.

The band struck up a beautiful, gentle, soft tune. She knew that this was the penultimate song and she sighed gently, lowering her eyes to the parquet flooring. Readying herself to ascend the stairs alone she felt a touch on her shoulder, she whirled around. Laughing eyes met hers and her beautiful face shone as he took her hand in his own and took her to dance.


The dress is another stunning piece by 22769 which is a new "materials" dress, like Mesh however when the viewers update it will have wrinkles, folds and will shimmer like silk. I, for one, cannot wait to see this!

Saff/B xx

Taken @ The Titanic

Dress by 22769 @ The Gallery Gift Shop - Keira Long Dress in black
Hair @ Alice Project - Kiera (Mesh sale)
Skin by The Skinnery @ The Arcade - Poppi Caviar in Champagne
Necklace @ Miam Miam Jewelry - Layered Pearl Necklace (10L) texture change
Earrings @ Miam Miam Jewelry - Round Crystal Chandelier Earrings (10L) Texture Change
Lipstick @ Action - Lustre Lips Cherry

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