Monday, 29 April 2013

Disneybound - Dory

I suffer from short term memory loss
I forget things almost instantly
It runs in my family
... at least I think it does......
.....where are they.....?
- Dory, Finding Nemo

Dory is quite possibly the best Disney character to date (minus Stitch), is it sad that I remembered that quote off the top of my head?
Blue, Black and Yellow are Dory's colours, the colour of the regal tang!

Saff/B xx

Skin @ The Skinnery - Sasha in champagne NEW
(Eyebrows @ *YS&YS*)
Top @ coldLogic - tisdale in blackblue
Jeans @ coldLogic - calle.06
cardigan by milk motion @ TDR Fusion - vintage cardigan in teal
Shoes @ Deco - Donna in gold white (50L sale!!)
Hair @ exile - sea of love in cayenne

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